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Our DIY Kitchen Backsplash

30 Oct

Adam & I went to home depot just to price out a backsplash and ended up coming home with everything and tackling it last weekend. I think it was a tad more work than we anticipated, instead of just being a weekend project it turned into a week long project. However, I have to tell you – I LOVE IT! it was so worth it. If I didn’t have Adam though I never would have been able to do it myself (which I think I had convinced myself earlier). There are so many cuts to be made – which also means you need a good tile cutter. And it just so happened Adam’s dad had one! *Phew*

We watched quite a few Youtube video tutorials on how to do it, and then just went with it!

For everything – tiles, grout, glue, sponge, hand cutter, chalk, spacers = $170 (which we thought was a steal)

Before: Getting everything out of the kitchen (I have noticed I need some new kitchen lighting… YIKES)

Tiles Spacers = Very important/A big pain in the butt

We chose the small spacers because we wanted the tiles to be close together. A trick when using these is to dip one of the corners in the glue before placing it. If not, then they will just keep falling out and become a HUGE pain.

Each box of white subway tiles = $42 (we needed two)

Step 1: Wash the wall surface, and put painting tape on the areas you don’t want the glue to touch. Make a line in the middle of both focal points. This will be your starting point

Step 2: All the video tutorials we watched said to line up the tiles on your counter as they will be lined up on the wall – we decided not to do this half way because with the spacers and having to cut the tiles it was just better to do it as we went….

Step 3: Start where you made your line in the middle and work your way out…

Adam put the glue in sections instead of putting all the glue down at once – this was way better because¬† it is very time consuming you don’t want the glue to dry before putting on the tile.

Adam started in the middle for the second wall as well because the middle is your focal point.

Step 4: Once all your tiles are up, they need to dry for 24 hours. Then comes the grout! This is where we got nervous because after Adam put all the grout on, it seemed to be uneven. The sponge didn’t seem to help much either. So after we let it dry a little, I took a damp J-cloth and ran my finger along all the grooves. This made the biggest difference. It made everything even.

We also used a bright white grout because then you don’t see the spaces as much, and it is more blended.

I am so happy with it, and it’s all thanks to my Handyman!! ‚ô•


Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

21 Oct

So, I have been thinking about a kitchen backsplash for awhile now….

I have decided that I am just going to go with white subway tiles, not only do they look clean and crisp but they will brighten up the kitchen. I will definitely be using a white grout though.

This picture below shows a backsplash where they used bright white grout, I like that look alot more. You don’t see the cracks in between – looks more polished.

I can’t remember where I found this picture, but I have had it on my computer for awhile now. I absolutely LOVE this room…. everything about it is gorgeous.

And here are some Kitchen pictures from Pinterest that I loooooooooove…..

You guys have to check out the Kitchen Renovations @ one of my favorite blogs www.inthefunlane.com