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Home Decor Inspiration

20 Jan

Hi there….. Okay….Deep breathe…. I am about to show you a STUNNING home. I just can’t get enough of these pictures.








Just absolutely gorgeous…..

All these pictures are from RESTYLE SOURCE, a store in Airzona that looks amazing.  All the home decor reminds me of restoration hardware… Anyone feel like a roadtrip?? 🙂

check out the blog: http://foundbydomesticbliss.blogspot.ca/

Store website: http://www.restylesource.com/home.php



Dreaming of the perfect home

26 Oct

Wanna take a peak into my dream of the perfect home? Nothing fancy, but planned right 😉 I figure since all I do is day-dream about my idea of the perfect house, then what better idea to write about? then the one that inspires me the most!

Okay let’s go…

Now let’s start with the exterior. I picture myself walking up to a cape cod style home that is built with a combination of grey siding, rustic stone and white trimmings and not to mention lots of windows! It would have a welcoming big porch, with lovely lit lanterns and a flowered landscaped path.

If we had a garage it would have these beautiful carriage white doors, and maybe a french door for a side entrance like below….

Or this side entrance to a mudroom…

and a back entrance along the lines of this…

or like this? just imagine all the natural light that would seep into the living area inside ♥

Care to step inside?

Love this staircase…

Always need a powder room on the main floor

And now to an open concept Kitchen & Family living space

**get ready because this picture below makes me scream** I love everything about this room…

The layout, colours, textures, BAH – just everything!

you can view more of this amazing house if you click here http://www.houzz.com/projects/67863/Lake-View-Residence

I love the idea of an eating nook/dining area. Surrounded by beautiful windows, slip-covered chairs and a chunky rustic table!

love the windows in this kitchens below

And I would really LOVE to have a pantry, to store all the kitchen accessories and extra food!

And not to forget a big beautiful hood range above the stone!

And I would definitely make the most of the space by making sure all the cupboards and drawers were completely useful and organized. Lots of pull outs and dividers. Love the picture below of how drawers under a sink are way more useful…

Please check this kitchen out below… too many things I love, but I really LOVE those legs on that island – what a fantastic idea!!

A good spacious mudroom/laundry is vital for a busy household I think. A room where all the action and mess happens. And all you need to do is close the door and you can breathe again 🙂 I think this room is key and its helps when it is pretty – maybe I would spend more time in there!

Shall we move to the bedrooms? Let’s start with the Master & ensuite…

Love this vanity..

we can’t forget an amazing shower with lots of jets and a drop ceiling shower head. Adam is dying for one of those!

Oh and we can’t forget the walk-in Closet!!!!


Let’s step down into the basement…

And of course we can’t forget having a good bar…

and a wine station is a must~~!!!


Hope you enjoyed the tour of my dreamy house 🙂


Featured: Beach Home

18 May

In the spirit of the long weekend and getting away to cottage country… I wanted to show you guys a peak into my friend Katie’s house. Her & her husband have built a beautiful home and I think they did such an awesome job I wanted to share it with you guys. I would love to build my own home with exactly what I want, it is a great investment.

I love the white kitchen with the paddles up above – great way to include the beach theme!

great layout… lots of window and perfect nook for a big kitchen table!

Love the stone fire place mantel…

The tub…. amazing….

And an awesome deck!

So happy for you Katie, your house looks awesome – thanks for letting me share it!!!

Have a great long weekend everyone! KT, XO

Updating a Kitchen on a Budget

14 Jan

There are so many inexpensive ways to update your kitchen!

  • Paint
  • Hardware
  • Counter top
  • Backsplash


I have a friend that has melamine frameless cupboards & a counter tops she hates and is looking to update the space on a budget. I have suggested painting her cabinets white to freshen up the space because she has dark hardwood floors and dark leather furniture. And her kitchen/living space is open concept.

here is the type of cabinet she currently has: These are a little more difficult to just paint because she doesn’t have any trim or framing to work with.

Here are some pictures & ideas I came up with to help…….

In the pictures below they just painted & added new knobs….

Although I am not a fan of the turquoise colour for cabinets, I think even this picture shows just a little bit of paint can really freshen them up!

Here they updated the cabinets with trim & added stainless steal pulls, which i love!

Check out the before picture for the Kitchen below, it’s incredible! http://www.younghouselove.com/photo-gallery-2/our-first-house/


I have even stumbled upon a budget friendly way to create your own butcher block counter tops at http://loraine-breakfastfordinner.blogspot.com And she did it all for $56, pretty amazing!

Her Counters went from this:

To this…

Another little upgrade is to add cabinet feet, to make it a little more professional looking – I wanna do this in my kitchen!

I love the before & After…

Check these Before & Afters out…

Wish I knew the link for the Reno below…. Just found it on pinterest

Here’s another great site that gives you step by step on painting kitchen cabinets.


And last but not least, here are the pictures from my own Kitchen Reno 🙂

Check out our Kitchen Reno here: https://twobertis.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/our-kitchen-reno/

Happy Painting!


Our Kitchen Reno

16 Oct

When I first moved in with Adam, the house was in a true bachelor pad state. Very bare, lots of brown and wood finishings, along with large speakers and tv’s. Your typical mans world.

As I moved in, Adam was leaving to go play hockey in the states for 8 months. So of course in order to keep myself occupied living alone with our doggy, I decided to work on the house in my spare time. Here are the before & after pictures of our Kitchen:

This is my granny’s old dining room set…

There were many steps in this process.

I took off all the kitchen cabinets and added wallpaper bead board (from Benjamin Moore) to the middle of them. I also added wallpaper bead board around the bottom of the counters. Although this seemed like any easy DIY project, I realized quite quickly it was very time consuming. First you need to measure the piece needed to go onto the cupboard, then I wet the wallpaper and placed in the middle (very carefully). Once it was sitting in the right position I took an exacto knife to do the finishing cuts to make it even (this was the most time consuming, as there was the odd mistake in which I had to throw the whole piece out, :)).

  1. Here is a picture of our garage during the process. I had them all lined up like a factory….

2. Then it was time to paint… first I primed and then I used Benjamin Moore Opaline

And then for the finishings – knobs!

(We have since added trim to the bottom)

Final Product….

Next was to move on to my granny’s dining room set which I was going to paint and do an antique finish to use as our kitchen table. I have had so many meals over the year’s at my granny’s dining room table, I just thought it would be so special to re-use her furniture as my own.

I primed and painted the hutch and top of the kitchen table.. I left the bottom of the kitchen table the wood finish that was already there. I thought having both the paint and the wood made it more unique and kept that vintage feel. I’m not a huge fan of the matchy matchy.

I then painted the chairs, and recovered the seats in a new checkered fabric. My mom then took steal wool and rubbed some of the paint off to give them a vintage feel, I think they turned out awesome.

Then for the chairs on the end that were flowers from top to bottom, I bought white Ikea slipcovers which are amazing! And super easy to wash.


Although there is still more to be done: New kitchen light, backplash, new faucet and maybe even one day new granite counter tops… I think we have a pretty good start! Like Adam would say “one step at a time Katie” (He thinks I want too much all at once, lol.. doesn’t every girl?)


Here are some pic’s from after we did the backsplash…

Hopefully this inspires some future Kitchen reno’s for the reader’s!! xo