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Wedding Sneak Peaks!!

31 Aug

Hey everyone, my photographer has posted some sneak peaks of our wedding and I would love to share them with you. Our photographer was so great & clearly so talented – here is the link:


Can’t wait to get the rest 🙂



Wedding ~ Keepsakes!

20 Jul

There are so many great wedding ideas floating around pinterest. I especially love the things that customize the wedding and that you could actually have as a keepsake around the house. I thought I would share some with you, because I will definately be using some of these myself!


I just love the idea of the fingerprint tree for a guest book. I think they are something that you can actually frame and keep in your home forever!

This is another really cute idea – and would come in handy!!!

A shadow box with special items from your wedding… Garter, invitation, veil, dried flowers, etc…

hole punch the wedding cards you receive and make it into a book 🙂


Wedding Romance

30 May
There are many things I love about this wedding I am going to share with you…….

1. The bride is gorgeous… I love her hair, dress – pretty much everything!


2. The ladies are wearing the two birds bridesmaid dresses that my ladies will be wearing – just in a different colour!

3. She has 9 bridesmaids, just like me 🙂

4. The Groom & Groomsmen are wearing the same as mine will be, black tailored suits, black tie – very sharp looking!

5. They look like they party almost as hard as we do 🙂

Here is their wedding video! please note the flower girl half way through… Ella will be even cuter in her TUTU dress!!

For more of the photography or videography please go to: http://weddings.khristian.com/


Wedding Love xo

29 May

I went to a beautiful wedding this past weekend at the Old Mill in Toronto. And since I am still feeling the romance, I thought I would post a little more wedding inspiration.  If you are looking for some wedding inspiration check out the blogs below:

My girls are going to look so amazing in these black two birds dresses!!!!

Love the brides hair below…

I want a picture like this at my wedding….