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Wedding Cake Options

2 Feb

Although I am not a big fan of spending money on a giant wedding cake that at times doesn’t even get eaten, I do still want some kind of cake at our wedding. However, I am thinking maybe just a tiny one since our reception venue provides a variety of desserts for all our guests. I have been debating between a small cake or a bunch of cupcakes.

I would like it to be very simple…

ORRRRRRR…… we could do cute little cupcakes ♥

Now I want to hear from you!!!!!




Wedding Inspirations

6 Oct

I am having my wedding at a winery and I am going for the vintage/romantic/shabby chic theme. I am going with whites and pale pinks for my colour scheme. Our bridal party will be wearing a classic black. Here are a few photos that I look at for inspiration from my favorite wedding blog Style me pretty!

love this… xo