Disney Cruise 2015 (with baby)

We went on a Disney Fantasy Cruise April 2015 - and it was INCREDIBLE!!!! cruising with Disney was an amazing experience - they make traveling with kids so easy! We went with my Husband's side of the family - there was 7 adults and 6 kids (6 kids under 7 - 2 of them babies… Continue reading Disney Cruise 2015 (with baby)


Packing for Disney Cruise (with baby)

We are heading on a Disney Cruise with my husband's family this weekend!!! We are so so excited!! But packing for a trip with a baby is a little different then when it was just the two of us ๐Ÿ™‚ requires a little more planning this time around!   We are going on the Disney… Continue reading Packing for Disney Cruise (with baby)