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Guestroom/Office — UPDATE

4 Feb

Happy Saturday! I thought I would share our little Guestroom/Office Makeover. You might remember my post about switching our two spare rooms here ~ https://twobertis.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/bedroom-swap/…. We moved all our office stuff like desk, bookcase etc into our bigger spare room and painted everything white. We didn’t need to paint the room as it was already a dark gray colour. We just got a couple new things from Ikea and spruced it up abit!

Here is the old office….

And here is everything in our new room 🙂

We used the same desk, just painted white!

Lamp is from Ikea  = $24

Here is our Billy Bookcase from IKEA in the old room….

Now for the other half of the bedroom – where our guests will be sleeping!

See that dresser in the corner? It used to look like this…

(amazing what a little paint & change of hardware can do eh?)

I will do another post about all the lovely things we got from IKEA 🙂

Now today I am tackling the other Spare Room, wish me luck!!!!!



Our Kitchen Reno

16 Oct

When I first moved in with Adam, the house was in a true bachelor pad state. Very bare, lots of brown and wood finishings, along with large speakers and tv’s. Your typical mans world.

As I moved in, Adam was leaving to go play hockey in the states for 8 months. So of course in order to keep myself occupied living alone with our doggy, I decided to work on the house in my spare time. Here are the before & after pictures of our Kitchen:

This is my granny’s old dining room set…

There were many steps in this process.

I took off all the kitchen cabinets and added wallpaper bead board (from Benjamin Moore) to the middle of them. I also added wallpaper bead board around the bottom of the counters. Although this seemed like any easy DIY project, I realized quite quickly it was very time consuming. First you need to measure the piece needed to go onto the cupboard, then I wet the wallpaper and placed in the middle (very carefully). Once it was sitting in the right position I took an exacto knife to do the finishing cuts to make it even (this was the most time consuming, as there was the odd mistake in which I had to throw the whole piece out, :)).

  1. Here is a picture of our garage during the process. I had them all lined up like a factory….

2. Then it was time to paint… first I primed and then I used Benjamin Moore Opaline

And then for the finishings – knobs!

(We have since added trim to the bottom)

Final Product….

Next was to move on to my granny’s dining room set which I was going to paint and do an antique finish to use as our kitchen table. I have had so many meals over the year’s at my granny’s dining room table, I just thought it would be so special to re-use her furniture as my own.

I primed and painted the hutch and top of the kitchen table.. I left the bottom of the kitchen table the wood finish that was already there. I thought having both the paint and the wood made it more unique and kept that vintage feel. I’m not a huge fan of the matchy matchy.

I then painted the chairs, and recovered the seats in a new checkered fabric. My mom then took steal wool and rubbed some of the paint off to give them a vintage feel, I think they turned out awesome.

Then for the chairs on the end that were flowers from top to bottom, I bought white Ikea slipcovers which are amazing! And super easy to wash.


Although there is still more to be done: New kitchen light, backplash, new faucet and maybe even one day new granite counter tops… I think we have a pretty good start! Like Adam would say “one step at a time Katie” (He thinks I want too much all at once, lol.. doesn’t every girl?)


Here are some pic’s from after we did the backsplash…

Hopefully this inspires some future Kitchen reno’s for the reader’s!! xo