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Man Cave Progress

24 Feb

Happy Sunday! I just wanted to give you guys a little update on our basement, it is really coming together! Finally almost everything is done except a few little touches. But I am going to share it with you anyways…. 🙂

So I would just like to take you back first to where we started….

basement before

So since my last post of ideas for the basement, there has been a bit of a change. Although we went to IKEA and got some slipcovers to go over our old couch and chair, unfortunately they did not fit. So, that being said we kept the IKEA futon, and thought we would use that as a couch instead. Our basement is pretty small, so it actually worked out better. We went back to IKEA, and bought a new grey chair that is super comfy with the money from the returned covers!! We also have a coffee table that will be coming down here shortly….


Here is our new grey chair from IKEA… it’s called the KIVIK for $250 (The pillow is Ralph Lauren from Homsense, and the blanket is Hudson Bay)


We moved the bar fridge beside the futon (now Adam doesn’t even need to get up lol). We still need to get some photos for the picture frames – Going to try and find some great group shots of our friends (I’m sure that won’t be too hard).


We were finally able to hang Adam’s draft Jersey!! That was a pretty big moment in his life, so I think it is great we get to display it finally.  We bought the white bench from IKEA and the pillows are from Homsense. The picture to the left is of team Canada, Adam’s parents gave that to him.


Here is our Chalk Board wall 🙂 I think it turned out so awesome!!! You can kind of see in the pic we actually got a piece of cork board and also painted it with the chalk board paint, just so we don’t have TOO many holes in the walls. Adam also had this idea to take an old hockey stick and hang some of his old Jerseys.


Adam has played for a lot of teams over his career, so we had to keep it limited to 6 jerseys… lol.. a girl can only look at so many jerseys ya know? The picture at the end is actually something the Blackhawks gave him from his first NHL game – It’s the game sheet & the puck… pretty cool.


We just put up this bar area today. We got a super old piece of barn wood from a little shop downtown and got the supports from Homedepot. I am going to paint the supports but leave the wood, I think it looks so rustic and awesome.


Just need some bar stools and we are ready to party!


This little area is where we are keeping all the booze! Still needs an old rustic mirror to go on the wall, don’t ya think?


I got this rustic bowl from Homesense and I just love it!!


So there you have it, Adam’s little man cave. We are both so happy with it – and I think we found the perfect balance of manly and still flowing with the rest of the house! Now we just need to have a party 🙂



Future Basement Ideas

7 Dec

Adam has been working on our basement for a little while now. So far the framing & electrical is done and we are almost at the drywall stage. For the colour scheme I am thinking Grey, White & Navy. This is clearly going to be Adam’s “Man Cave” since he has worked so hard… But I would like it to transition from the rest of the house still 🙂 We are going to incorporate a variety of Adam’s hockey memorabilia such as his framed draft Jersey (which just of course had the be the Blackhawks with that Bright Red & Black, so not the colour scheme I was thinking about LOL – but that’s okay we will make it work)

There will be the typical Man Cave necessities to make this space as “MANLY” as possible…

  1. Big Screen TV
  2. Hockey Pictures/ Jerseys
  3. Dart Board
  4. Anything that has to do with beer or a some kind of Keg fridge lol

Here is the Basement Inspiration Board I came up with:

We have two older couches downstairs which I will be slip-covering in a beige or off white, so we don’t have to fork out the cash for new ones. Something like below:

I love how in the left hand corner you can see the old sports pictures. I would like to do something like that with two hockey sticks above… We will also be mounting out tv like the one below

LIGHTING: we will be doing pot lights in the drop ceiling however, I love these wall sconces from Restoration Hardware… they give that awesome rustic feel.

Or this light from Home Depot (WAY cheaper) But since we are doing drop ceiling it would have to be on the ceiling above the stairs I think?

Here are some more inspiration pictures for the basement …