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A peak into our family room…

29 Mar

I thought I would give you a little peak around our house lately (Something other than our new basement)….

My Favorite Beach corner 🙂 finally got a wedding picture framed in the engraved frame we got as a wedding present from my BFF

Two Berti's

Two Berti’s




Finally got Adam’s parents old coffee table painted….

Here is the Before


And here it is after my lovely mom painted & distressed it for me 🙂 (You can also see my awesome new Anchor pillow I got for my Birthday – love it)


The Colour I used for the coffee table is “WHITE ON WHITE”


Still needing an area rug though…



And last but not least my AMAZING new farmhouse faucet!!!!! Love, love LOVE it!!!! my Husband got it for me for my birthday … Honestly the picture doesn’t even do it justice!


and here’s a picture of my favorite dog in the whole world!!

Bangs, or no Bangs?? haha


Happy Easter Everyone!!



New Fav Blog Alert!

15 Dec
I just stumbled upon this awesome blog and had to share it with you! Especially because I am so jealous of her Christmas Decor, I just love it. And she even decorates each room differently for Christmas….. love love love!!!
Click here to check it out: http://www.craftberrybush.com/
Here is a sneak peak:
Her family room….


Her living room….


And a few others ….



Enjoy! KT, XO

Rustic Meets Chic

17 Feb
4 day long Weekend ahead of me – woo hoo!!! I have lots planned!!

Tomorrow I have some projects to finish so that I can show you guys soon. I will be fixing up an old Chandelier & DIY headboard for our second bedroom, and then it will be good to go! I am also going thrift/Antique hunting with my mom on Saturday. We are gonna head to the Peterborough area and hit up Gypsy Barn, Legacy Vintage & Habitat 4 Humanity. So I will make sure to take lots of pics for you guys!

Here is a Sneak Peak of the Before…(bought the Chandelier off Kijiji for $50 :))

Oh and I forgot to mention, I got this wicked new Camera, so no more crappy quality excuses!!!!

I am a loser I know, but man I love this Nikon!!! so easy & I got a wicked deal…..

Now here is a little inspiration……Mix of Rustic & Chic


Our New Sectional :)

12 Feb

So after a long day of renting a uhaul, driving to Ikea, unpacking the couch, driving the uhaul back and then finally putting the couch together… We are exhausted lol. However, I am loving the sectional. We are sooo happy!! (Even Adam because it has met his comfort standards :))

So here is what we were working with before….

And here is what our family room looks like now!

Okay so I really need an area rug, so gonna use my pottery barn gift card and get on that this week!! I think it will really tie the room together. And then the coffee table won’t blend into the floor…

Now in the picture below you will see I have the slip-covered Chair & the wicker chair… one of the two is going to go. I have a matching wicker chair so might have them both there… Or I have this old vintage chair I would love to get slip-covered and then have a little more mismatch in the room? Just gonna have to toy with the idea and see!!

And here are a couple pictures from our day! Griffy loved riding shotgun in the Uhaul…

Well, there you have it! I am one happy girl now…. Hope you are having a good Sunday!


SOOOOOO Happy!!!!! :)

8 Feb

Okay so I am just so thrilled, and have to share the news with you!! The Leather couches are moving out and the slip-covered sectional is moving in!!!! Woo hoo!! I have wanted a slip-covered sectional for soooo long, but I was having a hard time justifying buying a new couch when ours were perfectly fine. So I thought to myself – hmm, maybe if I purge some things and sell our couches then I could make up the money for the sectional? And that is exactly what happened!!

I sold a whole bunch of things that were just cluttering up our house. EX: Wii & Rockband (just been sitting in a box in the basement) two old coach purses, a bench jacket I have never worn, 2 lamps etc.. And I made over $600 on our Buy & Sell at work 🙂 And then today sold our couches!! I am soooooo happy. And now I don’t have to feel guilty which is even better!!

Here are our current couches:

Now I have some even better news…. I also got sent a $200 gift Certificate for Pottery Barn because they accidentally messed up my wedding registry. SOOOO, that means I can also get the area rug I have been wanting!!!! Remember when I posted my inspiration for the living room? if not, here is a peak.

What a week! I cannot wait to show you guys pictures when I am done!!!


White, Neutral and DrEaMy!

31 Jan

These Dreamy Coastal Rooms are amazing…. The white, neutral backgrounds & touch of green just make the perfect pallette for a comfy & coastal living space.

Awesome topiary trees, to give some height & colour to the room.


Love the photo wall at the back… the table is also a rustic and gorgeous piece!


I love the mixture of different chairs & benches in their dining area…. and of course the slipcovers

Love the lanterns too!

Just makes me want to slip cover everything!!!! lol


Mood Boards

1 Jan

If you go to http://www.olioboard.com –> It is a great tool if you are just wanting to visual a project for a room in your house, or just wanna play around with different decorating ideas.

The best part is it breaks down every item for you and tells you where they are from!

Here is another little inspiration board for my family room…..

Office Board….

Bathroom Board…

They are really fun to make, or atleast to geeks like me!! 🙂

Check it out…