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Calling all Single Ladies

2 May

I am so excited to make this post today – my gorgeous & hilarious bestfriend has FINALLY decided to share her incredible writing skills on a new blog called a Busty Blonde Table for One. Her writing is beyond funny with her real life dating stories and advice resembles a real life version of Sex & the City. Her posts are a MUST READ even for us old married gals – so we can reminisce about the old dating trenches (the good, the bad & the ugly). Her blog documents the true life dos and don’ts of dating!



Here are some hilarious dating ecards, before you venture over to the blog…




Go check her out – you won’t be able to stop reading!



Life in Grace

19 Dec

I need to introduce to you a wonderful blog I just stumbled upon. Not only does this family have a life changing story, but their house is so beautiful & inspiring. The author Edie writes about restoring their house that was horribly destroyed in a fire. The house they have built in it’s place is stunningly gorgeous. Edie gives a lot of inspiration and is an incredibly modest writer. She makes you understand what being thankful is all about.

Click on the link below to check it out:

Here is a sneak peak @ her beautiful home…..

Hope she inspires you as much as she does me!


Welcome :)

6 Oct

Hi there, thank you so much for visiting my blog!  My name is Katie and I am 25 years old, getting married August 2012 to the love of my life Adam. We live in a house in Bowmanville Ontario and have a crazy Golden Doodle named Griffin, who we adore.

Although my full-time job is in Human Resources, my passion outside of work is my Home.  I love looking at photos and gathering ideas for my home. Obviously with a wedding coming up, I can’t spend much money on our house right now. So I like to find deals, antiques and thrifty treasures! I absolutely love the beach, so our house now has a nautical/beachy theme. I love white washed furniture, driftwood, old beach signs and white slip covers. I believe your home should be your haven and the most comfortable place on earth.

Obviously it is hard finding time to do extra projects around the house working full-time outside our home, but as soon as I get a spare second that’s where my focus is.

2 years ago I moved in with my boyfriend Adam, and of course had to turn our house from Bachelor pad to a Seaside Home, with a woman’s touch of course. While I have been living here I have taken lots of “before” and “after” pictures, which I am excited to be sharing on my blog.

I have been following different home decorating blogs  for a while now, and I have recently decided I would like to become part of this blogging world as well 🙂 I think it will be fun to share my ideas, inspirations and the decorating/projects I have accomplished in my own home!! Along with other fun things that are happening in my life, like planning a wedding, fashion and of course updates on my adorable doggy!

I feel like we are two love birds taking pride in our home and growing together in it 🙂 This may not be the house we live in forever, but it is the perfect first stepping stone for us.

Thanks for Stopping by!