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Wedding SAGA ~ Part One

5 Nov
I really want to share with you some of my favorite photos from our amazing wedding day. I am just so thrilled with all the photos we now have as beautiful memories. I thought our photographer really captured all the emotions and amazing moments that happened that day.
I am planning on doing a post each week highlighting a certain point in the wedding that was really important to me and that I thought came through in the pictures. I will classify all these pictures under the wedding “SAGA” :). For my first post I am going to give you my top 5 favorites!

1. This picture is by far one of my favorites. Our photographer snuck us out during our reception to capture a few pictures during the sunset overlooking the hillside that surrounds the winery. It was just magical and I love everything about it ♥

2. I had planned for my dad to see me after I put my wedding dress on. I kept the dress a total secret from him until my actual wedding day and wouldn’t let him see me until I was all ready. It was by far one of the most emotional moments of the day for me. My dad means the world to me and I knew that moment he first saw me would be one of those moments you remember forever. I was waiting for him as he came out of the hotel, and to be honest even these pictures can’t describe how I felt. It was so moving to see my dad so emotional. I love him so much! ♥

3. I love this picture of our bridal party/hockey team lol. We had a huge bridal party with all our favorite people in the world and of course because there are so many people it makes it really hard on the photographer to capture a photo where everyone is looking/looking good all at the same time! lol. But of course with all the beautiful people in our bridal party, combined with an amazing photographer – he managed to get this incredible shot. And I absolutely LOVE how he capture the Barn in the back where we had our reception.

4. This next picture was in a field across from the winery. Our photographer brought us over and at first I was a little skeptical since we were leaving the amazing scenery of the winery. But after seeing a picture like this, I totally get it – and I am SO glad we went over. I love everything about this picture and I think it captures a beautiful moment between my husband & I – with an amazing background.

5. I know it seems a little strange for this next photo to be in the “top 5” – But I love it because I feel like it captures a real moment and all the action surrounding it. It also gives an amazing shot of the decor – I was SO incredibly thrilled with the head table and flowers, I was in complete AWE!! It was breathtaking, so I love the fact you can see it all in this photo.

So there you have it… some my favorite moments, from my favorite day! It’s an incredible feeling marrying the love of your life in front of all of your favorite people. I will never forget it and treasure these photos forever!
<stayed tuned for part 2>

A Taste of Paradise

15 Sep

We are back from our AMAZING honeymoon. It was beyond incredible and I am so happy we did it. We went on a Mediterranean cruise, and started in Rome. We went to Rome a few days before hand and then visited Florence/Tuscany, Monaco & Marseille in France, Barcelona Spain and Capri Italy. We sailed on the Norwegian Epic which was such an amazing ship. It was literally a mini city with almost 5, 000 people on board. There was amazing shows at night like Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, impersonation show where we saw Madonna, Elvis & Rod Stewart and comedy shows each night.

Here is a little glimpse into our amazing adventure:

Trip of  lifetime…. we are so blessed!!


Wedding Sneak Peaks!!

31 Aug

Hey everyone, my photographer has posted some sneak peaks of our wedding and I would love to share them with you. Our photographer was so great & clearly so talented – here is the link:

Can’t wait to get the rest 🙂


The new Mrs.

14 Aug

Well Hello!!! I know it has been way too long…
Well the wedding is all over… And I must say it was the most amazing day of my life thus far!!!!!

Although it was quite stressful leading up to the big day, it all worked out wonderfully and left us feeling overwhelmed with love. Weeks before the wedding everything was starting to come together, quite smoothly I must say. However, we all know a wedding can’t happen without a few bumps in the road. Unfortunately for us it was a heart breaking bump when we found out Adam’s day would not be able to make our wedding day. He was hospitalized a week before the wedding with a very rare syndrome and we were just devastated. There were alot of tears, and selfish prayers hoping a miracle would happen and he would be able to attend.

I got thinking about all the people in the world that don’t even have dads there on their wedding or more importantly after and started thinking that we needed to be positive and very thankful we had Adam’s dad in our life and that we were going to have to make the best of it. So we did 🙂 thanks to Apple and their amazing technology we were able to hook Adam’s dad up with our Ipad at the hospital and then had our bridal party hold an iphone during both the ceremony and reception. It was incredible. Although he was not there physically with us, he was able to still be apart of the day and watch all the important moments as they were happening. Adam’s dad even wore the top half of his suit in the hospital bed ♥
Needless to say, with Adam’s dad not being there, one of our groomsmen getting stuck in Russia and some crazy wind and rain – it turned out amazing. We felt like we were on top of the world surrounded by all our favorite people!!! My advice to all the future brides out there – is the exact same advice previous brides had given me…

Take it all in….You can do all the planning you want, but there WILL be things that don’t work out. But that is okay because the day goes by so fast some of those things you won’t even notice. Stay positive, stay Calm and party hard! I had the best time at my reception and just let loose with all my family and friends. I was not only the first person on the dance floor, but the last one!

Here are some sneak peaks of the day ….

Once I get the video & all the professional photos, I will be sure to share them with you 🙂

I just feel so blessed to have married the love of my life, and had the most amazing time doing it!


Wedding ~ Keepsakes!

20 Jul

There are so many great wedding ideas floating around pinterest. I especially love the things that customize the wedding and that you could actually have as a keepsake around the house. I thought I would share some with you, because I will definately be using some of these myself!


I just love the idea of the fingerprint tree for a guest book. I think they are something that you can actually frame and keep in your home forever!

This is another really cute idea – and would come in handy!!!

A shadow box with special items from your wedding… Garter, invitation, veil, dried flowers, etc…

hole punch the wedding cards you receive and make it into a book 🙂


Bridal Party Inspiration

18 Jul

I feel like the last few weeks have been:





Holy moly, who would have thought that all the work starts one month before!! haha. I felt so organized up until about 2 weeks ago. It is because there are just so many things that you literally can’t do until the few weeks leading up to the big day. However, today I am feeling good. Almost all the RSVP’s are in, photo booth is booked, rings are in, seating chart rough draft done and bridesmaid gifts arrived today. Tonight I will be working on the table #’s, Menu and a couple other things I have planned to create in photo shop.

So this post today, is clearly designated to wedding ideas & inspiration – as that is the only thing on my brain lately! And I have to say that after all the hard work and long hours in planning this thing – I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! 🙂 I am so excited to finally marry my man ❤

Here is some bridal party inspiration!

24 more sleeps!!!!!


Wedding Invitations

14 Jun
Well ….finally the wedding invitations are on their way out! Man was that quite the job… Not only did it take me a awhile to figure out what I wanted/ what I could afford. But we had a slight set back with the church we are being married at so couldn’t get them printed until I knew for sure. Anyways, that aside: I found an incredible person to do my invitations. I found pictures of ones I LOVED, but couldn’t quite afford/justify. So, I had this lovely graphic designer give me a hand. She not only created the invitations but customized them for Adam & I with two birdies 🙂 I am so excited to show you.

I am so happy with the invitations and the price!!! They were so affordable. If anyone is looking at getting invitations, a logo design, or a custom piece, her creative abilities make her one of the best graphic designers out there. She can create a custom design that suits your style and needs in a timely and professional manner. Poor Caitlin had to be subject to my many panicked emails with ideas and changes and got them all printed for me in a tight time frame and it was SOOO appreciated 🙂 I highly recommend Caitlin Jobb @ Creative Jobb Designs. She was fantastic to work with.
Here is her wesbite:
Or reach her by email:
I am also going to have her do my seating chart & programs!! I will share those with you too after the wedding!!
Only 2 months left…. ♥

Wedding Romance

30 May
There are many things I love about this wedding I am going to share with you…….

1. The bride is gorgeous… I love her hair, dress – pretty much everything!


2. The ladies are wearing the two birds bridesmaid dresses that my ladies will be wearing – just in a different colour!

3. She has 9 bridesmaids, just like me 🙂

4. The Groom & Groomsmen are wearing the same as mine will be, black tailored suits, black tie – very sharp looking!

5. They look like they party almost as hard as we do 🙂

Here is their wedding video! please note the flower girl half way through… Ella will be even cuter in her TUTU dress!!

For more of the photography or videography please go to:


Wedding Love xo

29 May

I went to a beautiful wedding this past weekend at the Old Mill in Toronto. And since I am still feeling the romance, I thought I would post a little more wedding inspiration.  If you are looking for some wedding inspiration check out the blogs below:

My girls are going to look so amazing in these black two birds dresses!!!!

Love the brides hair below…

I want a picture like this at my wedding….


A girl’s last night out!

15 May

I have a few Bachelorette parties coming up…. And one being my own! While searching the net for the perfect Bachelorette outfit,  I came across alot of pictures of celebrity Bachelorette’s which I thought I would share with you ladies. It is always fun to see them on their big night out and what they wore!

Kim Kardashian

Vanessa Minillo in VEGAS!

Miranda Lambert took her crew to the Derby!!!!

Katy Perry’s Bach in Vegas with Cirque Du Soleil

Christina Aguilera

Cute Bachelorette Ideas

Party Favors for the girls with all the Party/hangover essentials!

And how funny if this gift for the bride? Oh dear… I really hope I don’t need a “barf Bucket” LOL

Here is a fun Bachelorette Blog, it even has list’s of fun music to play:

It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks!!!!