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8 Must have Products for Baby #2

I have had a lot of questions recently about what baby products that I like with my second baby Jameson. I wanted to put together some of the products I found really useful the SECOND time around (from 0 to 6 months). Being a mom of two I have realized you have to juggle so… Continue reading 8 Must have Products for Baby #2

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Lighting Options

We have lived in our house for about 5 years now. We have replaced quite a few lights in our home but there are still many more to go. As I was brainstorming some ideas for lighting options around our house I thought these options might interest you as well... Laundry Room Options For my… Continue reading Lighting Options

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Small Shops for Kids ROUNDUP

Pants / Shirt (old from H&M)/ Beanie I love supporting small shops, especially ones from my community. I feel like there is so much blood, sweat and tears that goes into each item when you buy from a local retailer. I envy these people spending long hours creating these beautiful pieces. I can only imagine… Continue reading Small Shops for Kids ROUNDUP