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Playhouse Under the Stairs

28 Sep

We decided for Logan’s first birthday we would make him a playhouse. We had a little space under our basement stairs with a little door that we thought would be the perfect spot for him to play. It was a completely unfinished space, with no drywall or flooring. We finished it up and I just had to share it with you πŸ™‚ it turned out pretty awesome!


Unfortunately I forgot to take a BEFORE picture…. but here is the space just as the drywall was going up


My husband started with putting up the drywall, and framing the space.




We took an old shelf we had sitting in the garage and my husband cut it in half and then cut them on angle to create a little roof for the outside of the house.

IMG_2013Then came the window! We had to make it small, since we didn’t want to mess with much of the framing since that space was supporting the stair case. Also, we had a lot of piping through there and electrical. My husband had to make the central vac line in order to create the window.



IMG_2167Once that was done, I got started on the painting. I used Navy Chalkboard paint by Benjamin Moore. I thought it would be fun to make the outside with chalkboard paint soΒ  that we can write stuff for Logan and he can use it as he gets older. The colour I used was Newburyport Blue – and it turned out great!!!!




IMG_2367Once the walls were up and painted inside, we luckily got some left over flooring from a friend. My husband put the flooring in and then put up the trim.



I got the light from Canadian Tire, and found this really awesome Alphabet wall decal from Walmart!!


And here is the final product….. I am so happy with how it turned out. Logan absolutely loves it – the window is the perfect height for him and he is constantly going in and out all day long. I added a little hockey sign in the front that ties it into the rest of the decor in our man cave basement. I also added a little mailboxΒ  and house numbers (both from Home Depot).












We are so happy we made this. We spent a lot of long nights working on it after Logan was in bed, but I really think it will be something he uses for a long time. It also is a great use of space – it went from storing our luggage to a super cute hang out. It also didn’t cost us much… We had left over drywall & trim and we got the flooring from a friend. So really it was just the paint and accessories that cost us money.

Glad I got to share it with you πŸ™‚ I will be posting Logan’s Birthday Party soon! Stay tuned….




Holiday Home Tour

9 Jan

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas Holiday & Happy New Year. Our family had the best time, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time off. Although I was hoping to post this earlier, the holidays got the best of me and I didn’t get a chance until now. I wanted to share with you guys the progress of our new home. There is so much to show, but I am going to leave certain rooms with the “before & afters” for another time. I am just going to give you the main rooms and let you take a peak into our home decorated for Christmas.

We have done alot of painting, cleaning and re-organizing over the holidays. We also hosted anΒ  Ugly Sweater Party and Christmas dinner for 20 – so I thought I would show you how I decorated for that as well. (I may have gotten a little carried away, but I just love hosting fun parties).

Let’s start with the entry…

fronthall2Here is a few pictures from the ugly sweater party decor πŸ™‚






christmas tree


One of the first things we did was replace the pendant lights over the kitchen island ….I chose these clear west elm pendants to make the kitchen a little brighter

Now the only mistake I made was buying the west elm bulbs – I loved them in the picture because they gave off that industrial restoration hardware look. However, because our kitchen cabinets are a cream colour, it just gave off a yellowish light that was not flattering for my kitchen, so I just put in normal clear 40 Watt bulbs.

Here is the BEFORE


WEST ELMΒ||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-

And here are the new kitchen pendants hanging in our kitchen – I think they turned out great.


I am in LOVE with my new counter kitchen stool chairs. My parents got them for us as an early Christmas present. They are from restoration hardware.

kitchen chairs







The dining room is off the kitchen – I found this awesome chandelier from an antique store downtown Bowmanville, and I think it brings alot of character to our older home. I was going to paint it white however, once I got it home and saw it with my white slip covered chairs etc, I realized I actually liked the gold and thought it added more character to the house.



  • Chandelier: Antique Store, “Under the Toad Stool”
  • Chairs: Ikea
  • Table: My Grannys, that I repainted and finished
  • Clock: Homesense


The main


One of the best things we chose to do was to paint the brass pieces on the fireplace in the basement. I looked on pinterest (of course) and found some tutorials and before & afters – I used BBQ spray paint because it is heat resistant for high temperatures. I was able to take each piece off and spray them outside which was great. I didn’t realize before then that you those pieces just clip on and off.

basement fireplaceB+A

Here is the paint I used:



We started out by painting the basement with Gray Owl – which is exactly the same colour we used in the basement at our old house. Since we had just finished that basement and loved it so much, we thought we would make the new one similar.

Here is a little flashback to what the basement looked like BEFORE:





We bought a new couch for the basement from Ikea in Svanby Gray.






There was another bedroom in the basement – and because we don’t need another bedroom currently we have turned it into a gym until we decide one changing the room more permanently.



And let’s end this big long post – with the prettiest picture of our backyard this winter ❀

backyardKT, XOX

I’M BACK & Moving on :)

19 Nov

Well, not even really sure where to begin, as I feel like I have just been in a whirl wind for the past few months. About once a day I would say to myself that I really need to sit down and get back into the blog, but I just felt like I had so many things to share with you guys that I didn’t know where to start. However, today is the day….. I am going to start with a quick recap of our life lately. πŸ™‚

Mid September we took a trip down to Florida to go visit our friends. The day before we leave, I take a quick peek on just to see what houses are available (this is not out of the ordinary as I usually take a look every few days just to make sure I don’t miss out on something wonderful). Now you are probably thinking – were you planning on moving? Answer: Not really. haha. My husband and I had been talking about it for awhile and decided maybe in the spring we would get our house ready to sell and then start looking more seriously. Well, back to the day before we leave for Florida – I message Adam in a panic telling him I have found this incredible house that has EVERYTHING on our wishlist and is somewhat affordable lol. I tell him that I just have to see this house tonight because it is to good to be true!! Adam is working that night and can’t go with me, so I tell him i will go and just see if it’s worth him going to see before we leave for Florida.

I go to see the house….. it is everything and more! I love the kitchen, layout, ravine, pool, hot tub and totally private backyard. When Adam came home from work that night I told him he would have to go see it the next day before we leave for Florida! So fast forward to the next day. Adam works till 6pm, we meet our realtor at the house around 630pm and Adam takes a look around and of course just gives me THAT look and says “Katie, obviously this house is beautiful and I love it – but we are leaving for Florida in an hour, what do you expect me to do here?” At that moment I knew he was right, we couldn’t make such a hasty decision – literally life altering when you are talking that kind of money. (Adam is way more sensible when it comes to finances and big decisions). I told him I knew he was right but at the same time I didn’t want us to lose out on this house and regret it later on. So our amazing realtor who had obviously been through this type of situation before made us feel better by saying “listen guys, you don’t have to make a decision tonight, why don’t we get some more info on the house (age of windows, roof etc) and then as long as you can get to a fax machine we can do the offer from Florida.” That was perfect, I was happy because we didn’t necessarily back away from the house and Adam was happy because he didn’t have to bite the bullet right then and there and buy this house.

So we leave for Florida…we drove down which took about 2 days, then stayed at Adam’s parent’s condo for a night and then headed to see our friends living in Boca. I had just told our friends about this amazing home and how much we loved it when I got an email from our realtor explaining that they had got an offer and taken it right away…. My heart was broken… I couldn’t believe we didn’t even have the chance to put in a bid or anything. Adam was in shock and obviously felt horrible knowing how much I loved the house and I think reality set in a bit of how quickly good things go in this market. Our realtor explained they have a week of conditions and that anything could happen so he will stay on top of it and let us know if anything changes.

Fast forward to the end of our trip. The last night we were in Florida we met up with Adam’s cousin’s family and were having a wonderful time catching up. We got a call from our realtor late that night saying the other buyers are asking for an extension and if we can get to a fax machine within the next hour then we can send them a firm offer which could beat out the extension. Adam and I didn’t even need to think about it – the only problem was we were thinking where the hell can we find a fax machine at 10 at night??? Thank the heavens that his cousin’s wife just happened to be a realtor in her previous career and still had her fax machine! So that was it – we signed the documents and sent them off and within an hour or two our realtor called and said it was ours πŸ™‚ We were so happy!!!

When we woke up the next day reality set in…. Now we have to drive home immediately and go and get our house ready to sell. Talk about stressful!!! Once we were home we spent the next 3 days just cleaning and purging. Then our house went on the market – and luckily we had someone come in firm on the 3rd day! It was such a relief… Neither Adam or I had ever been through anything like this before because our current house Adam had built, so we had never been through this whole process. And what a process it is!! Luckily with a great realtor, it really does take alot of the stress off.

So fast forward to today… I am currently still packing and getting ready for the move. We move FRIDAY!!!! and I cannot wait. We are so excited for this new chapter. I will be sad to leave our home because it is where we started our little family together with our dog Griffin, but I am excited for the new memories we are going to make in our new home.

I am going to share with you a couple of pictures of the house, but believe me – I will be blogging alot more πŸ™‚ I have some much inspiration for this house and ideas, I can’t wait to share them with you!

<<I do apologize, these photos are all from my phone – because I can’t find the cord for my camera… story of my life lately haha)









3 more sleeps!!!!


A peak into our family room…

29 Mar

I thought I would give you a little peak around our house lately (Something other than our new basement)….

My Favorite Beach corner πŸ™‚ finally got a wedding picture framed in the engraved frame we got as a wedding present from my BFF

Two Berti's

Two Berti’s




Finally got Adam’s parents old coffee table painted….

Here is the Before


And here it is after my lovely mom painted & distressed it for me πŸ™‚ (You can also see my awesome new Anchor pillow I got for my Birthday – love it)


The Colour I used for the coffee table is “WHITE ON WHITE”


Still needing an area rug though…



And last but not least my AMAZING new farmhouse faucet!!!!! Love, love LOVE it!!!! my Husband got it for me for my birthday … Honestly the picture doesn’t even do it justice!


and here’s a picture of my favorite dog in the whole world!!

Bangs, or no Bangs?? haha


Happy Easter Everyone!!


Man Cave Progress

24 Feb

Happy Sunday! I just wanted to give you guys a little update on our basement, it is really coming together! Finally almost everything is done except a few little touches. But I am going to share it with you anyways…. πŸ™‚

So I would just like to take you back first to where we started….

basement before

So since my last post of ideas for the basement, there has been a bit of a change. Although we went to IKEA and got some slipcovers to go over our old couch and chair, unfortunately they did not fit. So, that being said we kept the IKEA futon, and thought we would use that as a couch instead. Our basement is pretty small, so it actually worked out better. We went back to IKEA, and bought a new grey chair that is super comfy with the money from the returned covers!! We also have a coffee table that will be coming down here shortly….


Here is our new grey chair from IKEA… it’s called the KIVIK for $250 (The pillow is Ralph Lauren from Homsense, and the blanket is Hudson Bay)


We moved the bar fridge beside the futon (now Adam doesn’t even need to get up lol). We still need to get some photos for the picture frames – Going to try and find some great group shots of our friends (I’m sure that won’t be too hard).


We were finally able to hang Adam’s draft Jersey!! That was a pretty big moment in his life, so I think it is great we get to display it finally. Β We bought the white bench from IKEA and the pillows are from Homsense. The picture to the left is of team Canada, Adam’s parents gave that to him.


Here is our Chalk Board wall πŸ™‚ I think it turned out so awesome!!! You can kind of see in the pic we actually got a piece of cork board and also painted it with the chalk board paint, just so we don’t have TOO many holes in the walls. Adam also had this idea to take an old hockey stick and hang some of his old Jerseys.


Adam has played for a lot of teams over his career, so we had to keep it limited to 6 jerseys… lol.. a girl can only look at so many jerseys ya know? The picture at the end is actually something the Blackhawks gave him from his first NHL game – It’s the game sheet & the puck… pretty cool.


We just put up this bar area today. We got a super old piece of barn wood from a little shop downtown and got the supports from Homedepot. I am going to paint the supports but leave the wood, I think it looks so rustic and awesome.


Just need some bar stools and we are ready to party!


This little area is where we are keeping all the booze! Still needs an old rustic mirror to go on the wall, don’t ya think?


I got this rustic bowl from Homesense and I just love it!!


So there you have it, Adam’s little man cave. We are both so happy with it – and I think we found the perfect balance of manly and still flowing with the rest of the house! Now we just need to have a party πŸ™‚


Basement update – ikea

16 Feb

Our basement Reno is well on it’s way!!! All the main parts are DONE!!! The paint turned out great, I am loving Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl. The ceiling, pot lights, flooring and trim are also done and turned out amazing. My poor husband has been working so hard, but it is totally paying off!!!!

Here are some updates:






Now we still need to do ALOT of cleaning. The floors will need to be mopped a few more times to get all the drywall dust and everything up. We also need to finish the second coat paint in the stairwell, install a light at the top of the stairs and paint the wooden cold cellar door.

Now there is lots still to do and get, so here is our IKEA shopping list for today!! πŸ™‚

1. We need a gray slipcover for our old plaid couch downstairs $200

3(8)2. We need a new white slipcover for our big comfy chair $79


3. My parents gave us money for Christmas to get a ikea futon for the basement for when we have guests over!

<<My parents bought this futon for the trailer, and it is UNBELIEVABLY comfortable!!!!>>


And then of course a few accessories! picture frames, area rug etc….

  1. EIVOR Throw, black/white $29
  2. BJΓ–RNLOKA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), black $44
  3. Ribba Frame X3 – $19 each
  4. FICUS LYRATA Potted plant, fiddle-leaf fig $14

Can’t wait to share the finish product with you guys!!!

Hopefully soon πŸ™‚


Post – Christmas

29 Dec

Wow – I cannot even believe Christmas is over already!! I feel like I blinked an the Christmas holidays were over. We are so blessed and had such a great few days with family and friends. Adam & I held our first Christmas dinner this year – and it went off without a hitch thanks to our family that pitched in!! We held 13 people in our little house and although it was cozy – it was so nice to have everyone here to celebrate the season!

here is a little glimpse into our Christmas holiday ……





Can’t wait for Next year!!! πŸ™‚


Family Room + Changes

13 Nov

Since we are working on the basement, I am starting to make plans for items around the house to move their way to the basement! We have a few things in our family room upstairs right now that I am going to be sending down the rustic man cave. You might remember me sharing this inspiration board for my plans in the family room:

I am so happy to say we have crossed two things off the list so far πŸ™‚ We got our Ikea slip-covered sectional at the beginning of the year and I just picked up two Jennylund chairs from Ikea – see picture below

*** Side Note: IKEA currently has a sale on until Nov 18th – all fabric furniture is buy one get one 50% off ***

I am so happy with the chairs and how the family room is coming together… I also bought new white curtains for the window beside the fire place. So let’s go back and see what it looked like before <<this picture is over a year old, but the set was the same>>. (still a work in progress)





(Sorry the picture is so dark, unfortunately I leave the house when it’s dark and don’t get home from work until it’s dark) Maybe take a new pic on the weekend! πŸ™‚ I also started to decorate a little for Christmas. I want to keep it very simple & classic this year. Check out my mini tree beside the Mantel:

We still REALLY need an area rug!!

For the area rug, I need something around 10×8 and somewhat comfy on the feet. I am thinking about the MORUM rug at ikea <<Price tag of $150>>

A more expensive option could be from Pottery Barn – This one below in the beachy blue colour would be great…<<price tag of $328 for 8×10>>

Or the Olin Grey Rug from Crate & Barrel <<Price Tag of $376>>

I would also like a sofa table for behind the couch in replace of the buffet/bar we have currently, which will be moving down to the basement. I would like something with storage so it can be multipurpose.

I like the HEMNES sofa table in white like below from ikea <<price tag of $179>>

That’s all I have today for ya! Loving all these changes!!!


Basement Reno – The Beginning

7 Nov

You might remember me talking about starting our basement reno last year around this time. Well that project got put on hold after we got engaged because obviously we got a little busy with planning a wedding and our extra money was going towards that instead. I posted last year about a few of my ideas for Adam’s Man Cave here in this post:

Here is my original idea board I posted:

We started here:

And have progressed to here currently:

Drywall is up, mud/tapping in progress and the pot lights are being put in! my hubby has been doing such a great job, I am really proud of him!

Now obviously I have a ton of ideas circulating in my head at the moment so I am going to share my thoughts and see how I make out. I am thinking for the basement of keeping my beach theme, but making it a bit more masculine and having the basement take on a nautical/Lake house/rustic theme. I am going to use the colours white, grey and navy with small pops of a rustic red. I want the basement to be a guys space, yet still go with the flow of the house.

For the walls I am thinking of using the colour “Gray Owl” by Benjamin Moore

You can see an example of this colour in the room below over at Cozy Cottage Cute (click on the picture below to go check out her awesome blog)

And the colour gray owl was also used in this basement picture below that I found on Houzz (Ps. Also love the “Tourists” Sign)

For the stairs I am thinking we are just going to paint them. I saw this picture online today and just love it, feels very nautical!

And for flooring we are thinking of the same laminate that my parents used in their trailer reno. I found a great picture of it being used in a basement over the Rambling Renovators, check it out:

Here are some basement inspiration photos:

The picture below uses alot of the same colours I plan on using just on different areas. I love the pillows with the red stripes and that old rustic arrow sign in the back! what a great design job! She also used the ikea couches that I love…

We also have kind of an awkward space to fill in the basement, it is a very small sectioned off space that could possibly be used for an office or play room. For the time being we are going to use it for entertaining. I am going to paint the back wall with chalkboard paint, and have a dart board there. We are going to use the other section of the space for a small bar area… somewhat like the picture below.

I also want to have lots of framed photos of friends and family – maybe do a wall like below?

That’s all I have for now πŸ™‚ I think my next post will be on how I am changing the family room upstairs once we move a few things down to the basement!! It never stops changing in this Berti Household!!!


Fall theme party

10 Oct

Hey guys, thought I would share a few photos via instagram from the fall party we had on the weekend. I decorated the house with pumpkins, branches with beautifully colored leaves and pretty yellow mums πŸ™‚



This apple sangria I found on pinterest was a huge hit!!!


Here is the recipe…..(only difference is that I added a little apple cider)


Can’t wait for Halloween!! Need to start brainstorming costumes.