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Natural Products for baby & kids

The Natural Series - PART ONE Finding natural products for babies is so important and isn't always easy! Their little baby soft skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put on them. There little bodies can not detoxify chemicals as efficiently as adults can. And I cannot believe how many companies are ALLOWED to… Continue reading Natural Products for baby & kids

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Playroom Progress!

If you don't have a designated playroom in your house where the kids can just go in and destroy, then your in the same boat as me! We have converted the front family room in our house into a play space for the kids and for us to hang out as a family. We spend… Continue reading Playroom Progress!

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Small Shops for Kids ROUNDUP

Pants / Shirt (old from H&M)/ Beanie I love supporting small shops, especially ones from my community. I feel like there is so much blood, sweat and tears that goes into each item when you buy from a local retailer. I envy these people spending long hours creating these beautiful pieces. I can only imagine… Continue reading Small Shops for Kids ROUNDUP