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Sun & Sand with a drink in my hand

25 Jun

What is up with this weather lately?  This rain needs to beat it!  I have a few vacay days coming up so I am really hoping for some sunshine (even just for a few hours a day)!! I am excited to get away for a few days with my hubby and just relax lakeside with a drink!

This post is all about longing for those summer days on the beach with my toes in the sand….










I hope you all have a good long weekend!!! <<Rain OR Shine :)>>



Summer Dresses

11 May

Summer Fashion

With all of this nice weather we have been having, I felt like it was summer already! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get out while it was nice and let my casper skin get sun kissed, so I am really hoping this brisk rainy weather doesn’t last much longer. I thought I would do a post on summer dresses to get everyone thinking about the summer weather and special events coming up.

ASOS – $104

BCBG – $198

ASOS – $95

Cobalt Fluro Maxi Cover Up

Cobalt Fluro Maxi Cover Up


ASOS – $55


As I was doing my weekly read on one of my fav blogs – I spotted an advertisement for LU LU’S

Now… every time I see an awesome new online shopping site, I am ALWAYS disappointed when they don’t ship to Canada. It is such a tease!! But to my surprise, Lu Lu’s does ship to Canada 🙂 Now it is a flat rate of $22, so needless to say you need to make your online shopping trip worth while!

here are a few of my favorite items…

  1. Easy Throw on Grey Maxi $46
  2. Citrus Grove Coral Color Block Shift Dress $40
  3. LULUS Exclusive Forget Me Notch Strapless Red Dress $47
  4. Practice in Posh Black Dress $49

Also my sister shared with my today this awesome fashion blog… I love it because the author also tells you wear she gets everything! And most things you can buy online.

Check it out: HAPPILY GREY


Calling all Single Ladies

2 May

I am so excited to make this post today – my gorgeous & hilarious bestfriend has FINALLY decided to share her incredible writing skills on a new blog called a Busty Blonde Table for One. Her writing is beyond funny with her real life dating stories and advice resembles a real life version of Sex & the City. Her posts are a MUST READ even for us old married gals – so we can reminisce about the old dating trenches (the good, the bad & the ugly). Her blog documents the true life dos and don’ts of dating!


Here are some hilarious dating ecards, before you venture over to the blog…




Go check her out – you won’t be able to stop reading!


Casual Street Style…

27 Mar

Dressing casual and looking put together – is almost like an art. I am not totally sure I have mastered it yet… Some women just have that natural talent to throw an outfit together and look fabulous. I have put together some inspiration for those of us who need a little extra help….


So what is needed to throw yourself together quickly and look fabulous?


  1. TARGET $14
  2. Forever 21 $10
  3. H&M $7


  1. Studded wrap bracelet – Forever 21 $10
  2. Straw hat – H&M $12
  3. Ray Ban Aviators – Nordstrom $200


  1. Steve Madden “Pompei” Flats – Nordstrom $64
  2. White & Gold ELAK – Aldo $50
  3. Mossimo striped flats – Target $19

Happy Shopping!!


Target Canada is here!!

21 Mar

Tonight I finally got the chance to check out the new target that has just hit Canada!! I loved the targets in the states, so I was really looking forward to finally having one in our home town. Now I did go with the expectation it would not be the same as the states version. I had heard mixed reviews, so I definitely went with an open mind. I think they are still in the beginning stages of the store, meaning more shipments and new merchandise will be coming – so I am excited to see the store progress over the next few months.

I thought they had great clothes, bathing suits, shoes, kid clothes, home decor, dog stuff and definitely great gift wrapping/stationary. My only real disappointment was with their holiday selection. I thought for sure they would have a huge Easter display or aisle,  but there was really nothing. I am hoping that is just because they opened to close to the holiday.

Here is a little glimpse into the store:

They had super cute bathing suits!! Royal blue was a prominent colour in the women’s section … which I am really loving right now!!



They also had a ton of neon & cute pastel skinnies, which you all probably know I love 🙂



They had tons of bright coloured scarves of all different patterns – mostly around the $16 range


Now on to the home decor….

I love these baskets below with the chalkboard tags


I really like this lamp with the clear base! And I love that you can buy the base and shades seperately.


Really love these stools, but thought they were a little overpriced @ $79 each


They had really nice throw blankets ranging from $16 – $29


They had 2 really nice floor lamps that I loved. This one below with the chunky base, and a white one. I thought they were reasonably priced at $79 each.


I was happy to see that all the stationary/ gift wrapping was similar to the states with a wide range of products. I absolutely LOVE all the bright colours they are using!!!



I thought the prices for gift bags were great too! Some were as little as 50 cents!!

Now onto the shoes…. I was extremely happy with the selection of flats & sandals – but refrained from buying any yet as I just can’t justify it when there is still damn SNOW o the ground!!!







So what did I buy you ask??

I got some adorable baby clothes for an upcoming shower, snacks and food for my nephew and niece coming over this weekend and then a few treats for myself 🙂 I got two super cute maxi dresses for summer! Each $20
And I restrained myself from the shoes, but I will Definitely be going back… 🙂

Here are the dresses


Anyways, that is just my little review on the new Target Canada!! I was really happy with it, and super glad it is here! I realize it might not be the exact same as the states, but hey – it definitely beats walmart!!!!!!!!


Eat, Drink & Be IRISH

16 Mar

I love St Patrick’s day!!!! This week, it is both my birthday & St Patty’s – so we are throwing a little party on the weekend to celebrate. Now it just so happens my family is IRISH, so we like to celebrate in style. I thought I would put together a little party inspiration for those of you that would like to join in!

We are going to make a Green party Punch, something similar to this below…

For the ingredients I am mixing:

  • Lime Vodka
  • Fresca
  • 7 Up
  • Green Powerade
  • Cut up limes, oranges and lemons
  • And top it off with some lime sherbert
Irish Pint Glass 2 for $12

Irish Pint Glass 2 for $12

Now you definitely have to look the part on St Patrick’s Day….. I got a cute shirt from Walmart for $7. But I wish I had of known earlier Urban Outfitters has some great T-shirts and accessories!!!

Urban Outfitters $24

Urban Outfitters $24

Sock 3 for $20

Sock 3 for $20

Mens t-shirt $20

Mens t-shirt $20

A little party inspiration…





I have been prepping my house for the party… Here’s a sneak peak

this is where we will have the green punch 🙂


Gotta have some green jello shooters…



I hope you all have a wonderful St Pattys day!!!!!


a little SPRING in your step

11 Mar

Spring is almost here!! The snow is finally starting to melt, and the weather is getting a little warmer. I thought we could all use a little spring inspiration ♥









And we can’t forget about those rainy spring days….



I would love a nice trench coat like this…


Pinterest has recently got me addicted to the J CREW Bubble necklace, I am just obsessed. Now this piece of jewellery does not come cheap, it is $170 …. And since I am not much of a jewellery person, it really doesn’t seem worth it for me to pay that much. HOWEVER – Zulily had the exact same necklace (more like a replica) on sale for $14, so I got to buy 3 in all different colours – and I am super pumped! Now although they might not come back on Zulily, I know you can get them on etsy and J CREW factory online (clearance price).






Speaking of J CREW – I would also love a pair of these coloured vans…

Happy Sunday!!!

KT, Xo

City Girl Apartment Chic

16 Jan
I have a girlfriend living in the city who is getting her own place soon. She was asking for some small space decorating advice, and of course I jumped on that. There has always been that little part of me that wanted my own “Carrie Bradshaw Apartment.” I just love the thought of having a feminine space filled with shoes & girly accessories!! Anyone who knows me I am sure can picture the all white apartment with accents of pink everywhere ♥ I know I can 😉
Now living in the city on your own is EXPENSIVE, so I would like to come up with some budget friendly ideas for decorating the apartment. Because let’s be honest, at the end of the day we still want to be able to shop in our spare time!

1. IKEA is a great starting point to buy the staple pieces

  1. Gray SOLSTA Sofa Bed $169
  2. White EXPEDIT Bookcase $179
  3. JONSBO EGBY Side table lamp $24
  4. LACK side table $12

2. Freshening up old furniture with a little paint job,  can even use existing pieces to save $$


My dear friend loves the mix of modern and vintage so here are some pictures for inspiration I have come up with…

I absolutely love this desk!


Winter Style

9 Jan

I am absolutely loving the style this winter. Being bundled up in fur & baggy sweaters is just the best!



I am on a HUNT for a fur vest right now —- Anyone have suggestions on where to get one??




Stay Warm…..


Happy New Year!!!! ~ 2013

31 Dec

Happy New Year!!

2013 is here!

2012 was an AMAZING year for me and I just feel so blessed to have so many incredible people in my life.


See you in 2013 ♥