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Logans Big Boy Room

For Logan’s big boy room, I wanted to make a space that would grow with him. I wanted to get pieces that would hopefully be able to transition into his teenage years. Now, I know what your thinking… I love all white everything – so yes this room was TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. But I didn’t want this room to be about me, I wanted it to be a reflection of him, so I incorporated a vintage sports theme along with his love of cars, trucks and well any type of transportation really.

We started out by doing an accent wall with laminate flooring. I wanted it to look rustic and my husband did a great job! I think it gives his room a masculine feel and will be able to grow with him over the years.


logansroom 4.jpg

Here is a little BEFORE pic… this room was just an empty spare room that was painted this bright blue when we bought the house. We never used the room except to store our junk to be honest.

logans room before.jpg

logans room before 4.jpg




logans room 14.jpg

logans room 3.jpg


logansroom 1.jpg

logans room 12.jpg

logansroom 2.jpg

logansroom 8.jpg

logansroom 9.jpg

logans room 11.jpg

logans room 13.jpg

logans room 10.jpg


Gallery Wall 

logan room gallery .jpg

gallery .jpg


Accent Wall 

I really wanted the room to be navy and have a rustic vibe to it. I found some inspiration on Pinterest to do a wood accent wall. We ended up deciding to use laminate flooring (which made it affordable and easy). My husband said it was pretty easy (lol but what do I know). And I Love the way it turned out!


Hockey Stick Hooks DIY 

I had this Vision in my head of using old hockey sticks to create some kind of hat hanger on the wall. Luckily my husband went with my crazy idea to attach them to the wall. He first put three pieces of wood (top, bottom and middle), I painted them the same colour as the walls and then he attached the sticks to them. I think took the command strip hooks that stick, and put them on the hockey sticks to hang Logans hats!

logansroom 6.jpg

logansroom 7.jpg

I used Pinterest for a lot of the inspiration for this room… If you are looking for some Inspo too go check out my Little boys Pinterest Board


Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 7.15.42 AM.png

picture from:



  • Baseball bat
  • All the sport balls (baseballs, hockey pucks, soccer ball etc)
  • Books on his shelves
  • Goalie hockey stick that says “Louisville”




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