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Playroom Progress!

If you don’t have a designated playroom in your house where the kids can just go in and destroy, then your in the same boat as me! We have converted the front family room in our house into a play space for the kids and for us to hang out as a family. We spend almost all our time in there now, and because it’s a functional space in our home I have tried to make it as organized as possible (with two kids under three). I wanted it to be a space they felt comfortable to play in and could keep all their toys while at the same time a place where we could still entertain and not feel like you were in an episode of Sesame Street. It can be hard to find design pieces that are still kid friendly so I hope this post will help give a couples ideas on how to store and organize toys.

Remember when I posted about getting some storage benches for toys from ikea? If not, you can check it out here for my plan – Playroom Ideas

Well we finally got around to finishing this corner of our family room/ playroom area and I am SO happy with how it turned out! I finally feel like this room isn’t a total disaster and has organized some of the chaos!

We have had this little section done for awhile now – and it works so well! The unit under the tv with the baskets is perfect for organizing the small to medium sized toys. And my three year old has no problem pulling out the baskets and putting them back (when asked haha).


Ikea BRANAS Baskets / Ikea FLYSTA Shelf Unit / Ikea Floating LACK Shelf (ours is actually from Home Depot but can’t get the link) The wooden toy bins “Toys Go here” and “Eat Play Sleep” are from Homesense


These baskets fit so much stuff!!! We try and keep each basket to have one designated category. So for example; a bin for blocks, a bin for cars, a bin for puzzles and games etc.


And this is our newest area!

I really needed some bigger storage for all the boys bigger toys like trucks, hockey sticks and race tracks! And I love it because it’s also a great space for them to sit and play with their toys on. (My three year old refuses to put his cars and trucks on the ground because then he can’t watch their wheels lol…. oh boys!). I love these numbered buckets because I can keep all the chalk, magnets and colouring items in them and they are easily accessible (to my three year old and not to the baby that will soon be on the move :))


Ikea STUVA Storage Bench / Ikea FINTROP RAIL  / Amazon – Numbered Buckets/ The Chalkboard is from a thrift store a few years ago/ Playroom Sign – Hobby LobbyWhite Hanging Pots/ The Alphabet storage bin is from Winners however, you can get it here on amazon – Alphabet Storage bin


To put up the baskets I just used these Command Damage Free Hooks



You can get the batman storage basket here: Batman Storage


These bins are actually on wheels and come right out from underneath the bench. I actually really like this because it makes it easy for my three year old. And they are so deep you can see they can actually hold those big trucks!! FINALLY!!!!!!!


For the rest of the room I still have a few projects left, I found a sign from Hobby Lobby that I love above our couch, but I now need to get shelving for either side of it.



I will be heading to some thrift and Antique stores in the next month checking for some old barn board (want to put two long shelves on either side). I am thinking about doing a white milk paint on them from Mango reclaimed in Whitby ( carries it and I will be attempting that (with a few other painting projects). I also need to find some brackets – I was looking at these ones on etsy Cast Iron Brackets (but bigger).

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 9.26.00 AM.png

But I also LOVE old corbels like these from Natalie from the Vintage Porch  (if you don’t follow her in Instagram, you should!)….

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 9.20.09 AM.png

However, since those are usually more expensive I might get some to use as book ends … I am loving that look along with turning old books around to give more a more neutral look like Erin from did! Don’t they look awesome? Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 9.11.18 AM.png

Also, her playroom is so awesome! See more of it here – cottonstem.comScreen Shot 2018-04-19 at 9.16.36 AM.png


Thanks for reading! And hopefully this helps hide some of the toys at your house as well (and not break the bank).

Katie, xo


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