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8 Must have Products for Baby #2

I have had a lot of questions recently about what baby products that I like with my second baby Jameson. I wanted to put together some of the products I found really useful the SECOND time around (from 0 to 6 months). Being a mom of two I have realized you have to juggle so much more, so having products to make your life easier is a MUST!!!! That being said, most these products I wish I had the first time around – or some I did, but just didn’t realize their potential haha.


Okay I am going to start with my #1 – this is a product we did not have with Logan and I was lucky enough to be able to borrow it off a friend for Baby #2. And honestly – I can say we have used it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY from newborn stage to now. And why is it my #1? Because it makes life easy and for some reason … babies love it. It has a soft comfortable fabric (that is washable). And it bounces with the slightest movement of your foot (which makes it effortless). We use it when he is fussy, just want to have our coffee without holding him. He sits in it every night while we have dinner and one of us will bounce him with our foot. And he is HAPPY AS CAN BE! Its magical. Because he gets to still be with us while we eat but we aren’t both taking turns juggling him while we try and spoon feed ourselves and have hostage negotiations with our 3 year old. And even at 6 months we are still using this – everyday!

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.53.45 PM.png

You can find them here: or here:

bjorn baby.jpg


I was really sceptical about these, only because they are an investment. I totally lucked out and was able to get mine second hand. And honestly – I LOVED IT. I felt like it was such a good place for baby to sleep because it makes them feel like they are snug as bug (just like when they were in your belly) and kept him in the perfect position sleeping. He always slept so well in it I dreaded the day he would finally outgrow it. We took it with us on our recent trip to Florida (Jameson was 5 months) and it was so helpful. He slept the same as being at home no matter what hotel or place we stayed at and I honestly think that is due to having it because it smelled like home and was his comfort zone. When we got home we transitioned him out, and he actually did well. But I would 100% recommend this, we loved it.




I had bought this wrap when Logan was about 3 months. At the time, I felt like I had just missed the boat and that it was more for newborns not to mention just figuring out how to wrap it intimidated me. Now, second time around (with the help of youtube videos) – I use it a ton. Especially when leaving the house for outings with both boys. At 6 months we are still rocking it believe it or not! We took it to Florida recently and I love being able to pack it because the fabric is so soft and small – you can literally fit it in your diaper bag which is way easier than most carriers.

baby 2222222.jpg

Baby 2.jpg


Photos by: Alissa McMullan




I never had this for Logan, this would definitely be an item to get for any mom! First timer, second timer even third. It’s such a great invention, you can use it to cover you while nursing or over the carseat. I loved it because its super easy to put over the carseat and it covers them for sleeping AND keeps all those germy strangers from touching your baby. However, be prepared to be asked 124863636 times “what’s under that cover?? can I see??” lol, listen people he’s covered for a reason!



Uppa Baby Vista Stroller – all black / Piggy Back Board for toddler

I actually scored mine at winners believe it or not, so I wasn’t able to pick the fabric. There are so many awesome ones… (Also, the The Over Company has SUPER cute fabrics and is Canadian made, if I hadn’t have got mine from winners I would definitely have purchased from them)

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 9.46.21 AM.png

You can find them here: / and here:


I actually purchased this when I had Logan when he was around 3 months. But I found it wasn’t as useful at that stage. But once I had Jameson it became an ESSENTIAL. I took it everywhere and always had it playing while he was in the stroller or carseat just to calm him or help drown out all the other sounds so he could have a consistent sleep no matter where we were. He loved it and was always so good when we left the house. It’s portable, battery operated and has a timer setting and volume control. The best part is that it is literally so easy to use I could even ask my 3 year old to turn it on, and he loved being able to help (Jackpot!).

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 9.50.31 AM.png

you can find it here: / or here:


For my first, I was all about finding a diaper bag that looked visually pleasing and functional at the same time. I happened to get a sleek black baby bag from Skip Hop . However, lugging it everywhere was not as practical. So I knew once I was going to have to be holding a baby AND chasing a toddler, I needed something I could throw on my back and run. This bag has been a LIFESAVER. It is not only functional, it doesn’t make me look like I’m headed to elementary school. haha…well maybe a little 😉

baby 222222.jpg

baby 22222.jpg

baby 22.jpg

Photos by: Alissa McMullan

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 9.33.14 AM.png


You can find it here: / or here:


Have you heard of this? If not, I am about to blow your mind. You can literally make the perfect bottle with the press of ONE button. My family loves this so much we actually contemplated buying a second one for my moms house! We even took it with us on our most recent trip to Florida. With both my boys I introduced formula early on because I never had much luck pumping for a stockpile for when I wasn’t home (they were more of a “drain ya dry” type of baby…. And if you are only using formula – then this is literally a non brainer to invest in! This product is great because no matter who is watching baby it makes it SO EASY for them to make a bottle.

  • Options for how many ounces (2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounces)
  • Water is at the side and is kept at the perfect temperature (NO HEATING REQUIRED)
  • Powder goes in the top container (there is a dial you set the specific formula you are using to, so that it mixes it appropriately)
  • Green Button is GO 🙂 and literally takes less than 10 seconds






Photos by: Alissa McMullan


One thing I have learned throughout the years – is the importance of white noise. We are still using our white noise in my three year olds room currently. I had to buy a second one for when baby Jameson came. I took it out of Logans room before the baby was born but then realized, if the baby cries in the night or if he hears my husband leave in the early mornings for work he is more likely to sleep right through it if he has his white noise on :). We have two of these, and what I love most about it is that it plays CONSTANTLY! When Logan was a baby we had tried a few different ones but I was so annoyed because they would all shut off after like 30 mins? or an hour? like what the hell, I need you to play the whole time he sleeps! So before we got these below, I was using an app on an old iPod (which we still use if we are out somewhere and need baby to sleep). One of the best features of this white noise machine is that it can be plugged in OR you can use it wireless with batteries (which was great on our Florida trip). Also this product has about 5 different soothing sounds but we only use the white noise on it.

And if your worried about your baby getting use to it and not sleeping without it (which is totally normal to worry about) my kids had no trouble if they had to sleep somewhere without it. It mostly helps them sleep longer, without interruption and honestly has just become another comfort for them. Jameson now at 6 months – when its nap time and we go into his room, as soon as I turn it on he knows it bedtime and starts to rub his eyes. It’s now just another part of our routine that lets him know its time to sleep.

You can find it here: Mybaby Sound Machine

white noise 3.jpg

white noise 2.jpg

Well, thats about it. I’m sure there is more I could share with you but honestly – mom brain is no joke lol. I’m sure the most obvious products I love I am not even thinking to share. So If it comes to me later, I will definitely do an updated post. And I will be sure to share things that help in this next stage of fun where he starts eating solids and is on the move. But for now…. I am going to look back on old newborn photos and pretend like He didn’t just turn 6 months… Going to go cry now!


Thanks for reading!

Katie, xo


** Photos by: Alissa McMullan


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