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Easter Party Decor

When it comes to hosting parties or family events – I’m all for it! It’s funny because there are alot of things I procrastinate at, but hosting isn’t one of them. We are hosting our families Easter this year and I can’t wait to have everyone over. We are hosting 8 adults and 7 kids + 1 baby 🙂 I thought I would share some ideas on how we decorated our house, set our tables and planned activities for the kids. I am hoping the rain holds off today so we can have our big Easter hunt outside!

Easter Mantel .jpg

Happy Easter Garland  /Sign – Always stay humble and kind / Plants / White Pots



White Slipcovered Chair / Logans Chair / Letter “b”/  Coffee table is hand-me down that I painted/ Sectional Couch

Adult Table 

full table.jpg




adult table.jpg

Setting5.jpg** Photos by Alissa McMullan

Easter Kitchen Towel  /PB Dinner Plates / Napkin Rings

  • Pottery Barn doesn’t sell my vintage cutlery anymore unfortunately – but here is something similar: Cutlery
  • Pottery Barn also doesn’t sell my napkins anymore, but here are some I love – a timeless white: Napkins
  • Mason Jars were just lightly painted
  • White Table cloth in from Winners
  • Got these little Easter eggs at the dollar store and wrote each persons name on them 


Believe it or not, I got this chocolate cake from Farm Boy . I had originally planned to do cupcakes or grab some pies – but as soon as I saw this cake I thought it was perfect!


Cake3.jpg** Photos by Alissa McMullan

Kids Table 

kids table 2.jpg

kids table 3.jpg

Kids tablea.jpg


kidstable e.jpgKidstable f.jpgKidstableg.jpg

Kidstable h.jpgkidstable i.jpg** Photos by Alissa McMullan

Bunny Drinking Cups / Napkins / Similar Plates here Easter Plates / Bunny Cookies

Bunny Masks and carrots (with powdered sugar) are from the dollar store!


If you live in the Durham Region area you really need to check out Blue Bird Baked Goods I got their cookies at a recent Picks & Giggles market – and they are SO Yummy!!! When I bought them I just thought they would look so cute on the kids table, but I snuck a cookie while I was setting up… And oh my goodness they are so soft and yummy. (even when I bought them almost a week ago, I was shocked). You can also check them out and see more of their stuff here:


Egg Decorating

This morning we did some Egg decorating – and we had a bit of a Pinterest fail. I saw these really cute shaving cream coloured Easter eggs and thought it would be great to try. However, not all of them turned out lol, sooooo…. I saved them by quickly throwing the ones that didn’t work into a cup of water and more dye. I’m not sure if they didn’t work as well because I used neon dye, or maybe I just can’t follow instructions properly. But either way, Logan had a blast doing it and well they looked cute in the end! Nothing like egg decorating at 8 in the morning 🙂

Here is the link for the instructions:



But here is the end results….

kids table.jpg

Easter Egg Hunt 

I am putting together an Easter egg hunt for my boys and their 6 cousins. The ages range from 3 – 10 (not including baby J of course). I went and bought plastic eggs in different colours. I saw on Pinterest that when their are different age groups in order to keep it fair you should give each child a colour to look for. That way they all get the same amount of eggs and the smaller kids don’t lose out!

I went and got brown paper gift bags from the dollar store and put their name on them with a sharpie. I also put their assigned colour on the back so we can remember who is assigned what colour. Then I just decorated the bag with cute stickers from Meri Meri





Easter Stickers  (I got mine at Winners)

In the plastic Easter eggs I put different little toys and chocolates from the dollar store


My Husband is on call for work this weekend, so I had to make most of the dinner in advance just incase I am hosting this dinner solo (EEEEEEK). So Here are a few of the casseroles I made. We are pairing them with a tenderloin that will be done on the on the BBQ rotisserie (which my dad will be assisting with) along with a kale salad and Cesar salad.


I hope you all have an incredible Easter weekend with your family!!

Thanks for reading ❤

Katie, xo


**All Photos taken by my talented Sister ❤ Alissa McMullan


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