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Celebrating MOTHERHOOD

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and I wanted to share with you TWO amazing gift ideas. Since becoming a mother, I have realized there is no better gift then spending time with your children. As the years fly by I find myself grasping at photos I took and little notes I wrote myself about each little phase that has passed. I think as a mom no matter how many pictures you have or how many little stories you write – you ALWAYS wish you had more. I find myself sitting in bed at night looking back on pictures from the last few years with my boys – and Oh how I would do anything to slow down time… Even just a little!

thalerphoto-10photo by: Thaler Photo

My Aunt has written a few short stories for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She recently had one published about my Granny (her mother) in the Mother’s Day edition that has just come out. It’s beautiful, heartbreaking and so eloquently written. She describes losing my Grandmother and the relationship she cherished. When she dropped off the pre-released edition I was SOBBING reading it. The way she describes her feelings and the conversation she had with my Granny in those last few moments were so honest and touching. And of course she wouldn’t be able to write about my Granny without a little humour. I am now working my way through the rest of this book – and honestly, this is a must have for moms. It gives you so many different perspectives from children of all ages and genders. It makes you look at yourself as a mother and think about how you want to be remembered and what you want the time spent with your kids to truly mean. So do yourself a favour and go grab this for your mom, grandma or anyone in your life you love!

Here is a little exert from her story to give you an idea:

About two weeks before Mom passed away, I sat quietly by her bedside watching her sleep. I thought of all the things she had done for me over my lifetime, and I began to cry. She woke and saw the tears streaming down my face. Her immediate reaction was to comfort me. For just a fleeting moment, I felt like a child again. She took my hand and said, “Oh, honey, don’t cry for me. I’ve had a wonderful, full life, and I have no regrets.”

I sobbed, “Mom, I’m not crying for you; I’m crying for me. I don’t know how to go on without you. You’re my mother, my friend, and my partner, and I’m scared to live without you.” I felt Selfish and embarrassed. 

Story #19 – By My Side – Written by Penny Fedorczenko (my very talented Aunt)


You can purchase the book off Indigo:

or Amazon:

Another amazing gift to give a mom is photographs of them WITH their children. Most of the time it is usually the moms behind the camera, so how nice would it be to get some professional photos with you and your babies?? I’m not sure if your familiar with Aspen Florist – but her flowers are BEAUTIFUL and straight out of Pinterest. She is teaming up with Petra King Photography  who specializes in baby and maternity photography and they are putting on a Mothers Day styled shoot in Oshawa.

There is nothing more special than having beautiful memories to look back on. Motherhood goes by way too fast and photos like these will be cherished forever.



Hurry and go sign up now – only 7 spots left!!! If your interested go check out her website for more details click here: or


Make sure you celebrate your mom because she DEFINITELY deserves it! ❤

Katie, xo


** This post was in collaboration with Aspen Florist 



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