Second Baby


I wanted to write this post because I feel like for us Mama’s we carry a lot of worry and guilt. I was so excited to be having our second baby and to give my first a sibling. I always wanted to be surrounded by a big family. However, when my pregnancy was coming close to the end, I started to panic. I kept thinking how in the world will I ever love someone as much as I love my first? How will he feel that I will now be splitting my time? will he resent the new baby? Needless to say, those pregnancy hormones got the best of me and I bawled all the way to the hospital while in labour. I kept saying to my husband how bad I felt for Logan and how much this would rock his world.

And then baby Jameson came into the world – and in that moment my heart literally doubled in size and I forgot what life was like before him. He filled a place in my heart I didn’t even know existed. Then we brought him home and all my worries melted away. I had all these envisionments of Logan throwing tantrums and asking to send the baby back. But what I learned quickly – was kids are incredibly resilient. Logan acted as if Jameson had always been there, as if nothing had changed. Of course I now had to balance feeding a newborn while my toddler yells he has to poop on the potty. And there were still many tantrums because I gave him the wrong colour sippy cup. But his love for me didn’t change and if anything I think it is teaching him so many important life lessons. He now has to share his time, his toys and his love.

And the best part, is watching them together. My heart melts in a million pieces. So to all those mama’s getting ready for baby number 2 or 3… put all those worries aside because life is about to get so much sweeter.






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Katie, xox


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