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Family Photos

This time around with my second baby – we decided not to do newborn photos. Instead I planned on having the wonderful and talented Maryrose Thaler (from Thaler photo – come to our house once we survived the first two months postpartum. My theory was that by then I might start to feel half human again and not look like I just got run over by a truck. And that we could then get photos as a whole family with of course Jameson being the main attraction. I have to say I am really glad we did this. I literally cried at my computer scrolling through them when they came in (which I’m sure the postpartum hormones had a little part of that). I wanted to share some of my favourites…



Outfit Details with links 

Me: Dress from Show Po, you can find here:

Husband: Jeans are from American Eagle you can find here:, Henley top from Gap you can find here:

Logan: Jeans from Old Navy you can find here: (they are called karate jeans and they have a great fit for toddler boys, especially in the waist) and Shirt is from Zara which is not on their website anymore, but here is a similar one:

Baby Jameson: Onesie & Pants – H&M (they are from when Logan was a baby so I don’t have a link unfortunately)

Crib Sheet: Winners

Our Bedding: Pottery Barn


Thanks for stopping by,

Katie xo



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