Disney Cruise 2015 (with baby)


We went on a Disney Fantasy Cruise April 2015 – and it was INCREDIBLE!!!! cruising with Disney was an amazing experience – they make traveling with kids so easy! We went with my Husband’s side of the family – there was 7 adults and 6 kids (6 kids under 7 – 2 of them babies under 8 months). Yup it was pure chaos at times but Disney made it manageable and so much fun!!




Traveling with a baby is always stressful – you just don’t know how the day is going to unfold and having them fall asleep on the go is always tricky. Especially if you have a pretty solid routine – which we do. Luckily Logan was really good. Our flight ended up being delayed an hour on the runway while we were on the plane. Logan slept that whole time and then as soon as we took off he was up – so I definitely thought we were in for disaster but luckily (thanks to an iphone video, pacifier & bottle) we traveled without a melt down! he actually slept for most the trip to Florida. We also brought both our Uppa Baby stroller and our Baby Bjorn carrier. Adam wore him through the airport security which helped free up our hands and saved us from having to take him out of the stroller. We flew with Air Canada and just gate checked our stroller (make sure you if your stroller comes apart, to tag both pieces).



Adam wore Logan most the time and he loved being able to look around and see everyone – a good distraction πŸ™‚ And our stroller was helpful for taking all our bags! Coming into the Florida Port we had a set time to get through everything and it was seamless. Hardly any people and we walked right through. IMG_3718










LobbyIMG_4487Β  IMG_4485

We usually hung out on the top deck, as you got a good view of the movie screen (they play disney movies 24/7 on the big screen) and you could always find more empty chairs there!


They had a water slide that wrapped around the entire top deck – it was so much fun! All the adults even took turns on the slide!!



Luckily our room had a balcony and our family all had adjoining rooms (and adjoining balconies). Both these things were KEY with traveling with kids, especially babies. Having the balcony allowed us to sit outside and enjoy a few drinks while Logan napped or slept at night. (if you order the wine package, you can bring the bottles back to your room :)) And since the pack N play Logan slept in was near the sliding door, we ended up just using the adjoining room to go out on to the balcony so we didn’t have to disturb Logan (however, if you had older children that wouldn’t matter) And there is a curtain which seperates the room for you between where the kids sleep and the main bed which was awesome. The rooms are very spacious and all come equipped with a couch that turns into a bed and a top bunk bed that drops down from the ceiling if you need. They have two separate bathrooms, one with a toilet and the other with a shower that makes getting ready with multiple people a lot easier. The shower also had a small circular bath tub which is great for small children.



Here’s a pic of the room beside us with the bunk beds…IMG_3747

Disney really knows what they are doing and has so much available for your room! They provide you (upon request when you board the ship) with a pack & play, bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer and diaper pale. And all at no charge! They also provide really nice shampoo and body wash from the spa on the ship.

They even have little bath tubs in the bathrooms in order to bath your little one! talk about convenient!!



They play Disney movies all day and night of the ship, it’s pretty awesome! Even for us parents who love a good old school Disney Movie πŸ™‚


We spent most the day in the Finding Nemo Splash pad with the Logan and his cousins! Logan had a blast – he loved the water. (Also side note, no swim diapers allowed in the pool, so make sure to potty train your toddler before you take the trip if you want them to enjoy the pool on deck). If not they can just hang in the splash pad like Logie πŸ™‚




We went for Dinner at the Animators restaurant and it was awesome! SO cool to see all the cartoons come to life! One great thing about dining with Disney is that you have the same servers every night. They make it so special for the kids and always have little surprises waiting for them. Along with cups with their names on it and they make sure to take the kids orders first, that way they are eating their meals while we are ordering and then they are having dessert while we have our dinner. It is an awesome process because it helps eliminate the meltdowns! IMG_4958






There is actually a running track that goes around the boat on a lower deck. Adam was great about taking Logan and just walking around for an hour while he slept in the stroller. I think the fresh air really helped – because Logan would be asleep instantly and it saved us from having to go back and forth to the room.


The buffet on the pool deck was awesome! Wish I had some pictures to share with you because they literally had everything you could imagine and the food was really good and fresh. Most the time we had breakfast there and would have eggs and fruit. But they also had sushi, pizza, pastries, you name it!


You can always catch characters in the main lobby, and although before dinner the lines were pretty long – they did go quite fast! Make sure you download the Disney App on your phone because then you can track where the Disney characters are at all times. IMG_3920


The second night we had dinner in the Secret Garden – it’s a really cool restaurant that has flowers on the ceiling that change colours as the sun goes down. IMG_3928

Here is a picture of the starter salad I had… IMG_3930


As soon as you get off the boat, there is a small area where you can grab Mojitos – and a couple of shops, but really not much more than that. We took a water taxi (about a 5 minute boat ride) over to where the beach, restaurants & shops were.



IMG_3970Logan loved the boat ride!!









Where you dock in San Juan, enables you to walk around the city no problem. You don’t need to take any transportation unless you want to head to the beach or do an excursion. Because we didn’t bring the car seat for Logan we only walked places from the boat. We walked around the city for a while and then sat on a patio and enjoyed a beer!








We stopped at a patio for a bottle and some beers πŸ™‚IMG_4103


After touring around for the morning we headed back to the ship and straight to the splash pad to cool off




After watching Mickey and the other characters play basketball with some kids and got to catch them for a picture as they were leaving. That’s one thing that is amazing about these characters, they really take the time to meet each kid and just know how to make them feel so special. IMG_4962



We then had to go back to the room and get ready for Pirate Night!!! which was sooo much fun – everyone on the ship dresses up and then there is a pirate show on the top deck at night with a character musical and fireworks! For Christmas I bought everyone in the family Disney Shirts – so we all wore them on the Pirate night which was fun! Disney also provides everyone with the red bandana’s and eye patches. There is an early show on the top deck with all the characters, and then a later show at 10pm with fireworks which is definitely a must see!! It’s honestly incredible!!

I ordered our shirts from here: http://www.logantolayla.com/















Castaway Cay is Disney’s own Island in the BAHAMAS and it was by far our favorite stop! We stopped here at the end of the trip and honestly wished we had have been able to stay longer than one day. It is so convenient (only a 5 minute walk, or short train ride to the beach) and literally has everything. There are a ton of beach chairs (free of charge) and fun water slides in the ocean along with lots of activities to do! There are different shops on the island and the best part was the free buffet area (also free of charge) they had constant food and snacks available which was really nice – and yummy! There are also lots of characters walking around so it’s a great opportunity for photo ops or getting signatures! They also had some cool trails around the island that you could either walk or rent bikes!

View from the boat:





Logan’s first time in the ocean ❀IMG_4852




This is the water slide in the ocean that you had to swim out to, it was super fun – even for us adults πŸ™‚IMG_4823





They also have a splash available for the younger kids that was a great place to cool off IMG_4778



Logan’s first swim in the ocean and he loved it! IMG_4752





This is a picture I took of the boat docked – isn’t the water just amazing? IMG_4952



  • Get the Disney Ship APP – that way you always know what going on at any time around the ship. They give you the Characters schedules do you know where to find them for pictures, show times and your families dining information.
  • Take advantage of the daycare on board & the adult area. That is one thing I regret – we didn’t end up using the daycare and we only discovered the adult area the last two days of the trip – which was really awesome. When you were in that area you didn’t even feel like you were on a Disney boat. They had adult pools, bars and lounging areas. It was super relaxing and great place to recharge. My niece and nephews that were older went to the kids club, and they give the kids these electronic bracelets so that they know they are safe and the kids absolutely love going!
  • Bring stuff for the characters to sign! And instead of carrying around your book everywhere, just drop your item off at the front desk and they will give it back to you at the end of the cruise with all the signatures πŸ™‚ it’s a great keep sake! I dropped off the matting from a picture frame and the characters signed all around it so that we could frame some of our trip pictures in it.
  • If you are travelling with a baby make sure you have all the essentials in your carry on! Also make sure to pack extra – I actually ran out of formula and luckily found a similar one to what Logan was taking at a Pharmacy in St Maarten. In our carry on, I packed formula (then just used bottles of water to make them), bottles, squeeze pack baby food, diapers, wipes, and clothes for that day since you don’t know what time your luggage will be delivered to your room.
  • Make sure to bring the comforts of home with you – I brought the white noise we always play in Logan’s room, his sleep sheep, along with his favorite blanket and sleep sack. I wanted to make sure he had everything he had at home, so that we will have a successful nights sleep even while travelling. We also brought the monitor so that we could have it on the balcony or in the room beside us.

Check out our PACKING LIST here: https://twobertis.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/packing-for-disney-cruise-with-baby/

Here are some great articles that I found through pinterest that helped me plan for my trip:


Here is a YOUTUBE video I made to capture our amazing memories!


Hope you enjoy!!

KT, xox


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  1. So glad you had a great cruise and that our post helped! I’ve since added a cruising with a 1 year old post and a checklist for packing for a baby/toddler for cruises! We are hoping to do a Disney cruise with our little guy next year once he is 2!

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