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6 – 9 Month baby Essentials

This boy is the light of our life – he seriously makes us so incredibly happy. This stage with Logan has been so fun!! His big personality has totally come through and he’s just the cutest little ham. During these 3 months so much happened for Logan, from sitting on his own, to rolling, to crawling backwards and interacting with us so much more. During this stage he was sleeping amazing (usually 630pm to 7am – with no night wake ups) and then having 2-3 naps a day (anywhere from an hour to two hours).



IMG_5147 IMG_6212



Between 5 and 6 months we had to transition Logan to his big boy car seat because we had almost maxed out the weight on his Maxi Cosi infant car seat. After endless research and lots of recommendations from other moms we decided on the Britax Marathon. We love this car seat not only because it’s one of the safest on the market because it is comfy, easy to clip and is idiot proof for putting in the car. It has a click tight technology so there is no guessing if you have the car seat in snug enough. Once you hear the click you literally can’t even budge it, it’s so tight.

The Marathon ClickTight converts from a rear-facing position (for babies 5-40 lbs.) to a forward-facing position (for children 20-65 lbs.)



Around 6 months is when I started weaning Logan. His teeth were coming in fast & furious (side note: those tiny teeth are more like shark teeth than human teeth) and honestly he was just eating so much, my breast milk wasn’t satisfying him enough anymore. Luckily Logan took a bottle from the beginning and we had introduced formula in the beginning occasionally – as I never really liked to pump and found he always cleaned me dry so there wasn’t much to pump for him. So I weaned him for a couple of months, just replacing feeds with a bottle one at a time, starting with a bottle before bed. I stopped nursing just after Logan was 8 months, and really it just came down to one day he just wasn’t wanting to nurse and went the whole day without it, so I figured it was time to throw in the towel.

For bottles Logan would usually have a 6-8 oz bottle in the morning, then 4-6 ounce after each nap and then an 8 ounce bottle before bed.

We used the Goodstart formula with pro-biotic in it, and always used the Dr Brown bottles! Now if you are going to formula feed at all – you NEEEEED the baby Brezza formula Pro – this gadget is literally life changing. My parents bought it for us for Christmas and it has been amazing (especially when one of the Grandma’s is babysitting because they can make him a bottle at the touch of a button). I will do a separate review on this – but honestly it saves you so much time!! it makes a perfect bottle with the touch of a bottle at the perfect temperature. It makes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 ounce bottles. For like $200, this thing is priceless!!!


<<Ours was from Toys R US online, but you can also purchase off Amazon etc>>

Starting Solids


 IMG_9323(as you can see things get a little messy – so easy clean up is KEY!!!!)

  • I ended up skipping the cereals and just going straight to sweet potato, pears and avocado. I tried the cereal once or twice and found it was hard on his tummy… so we went to the veggies and fruits and then slowly worked out way back to cereal (love the oatmeal by baby gourmet).
  • When starting the solids I ended up introducing a new food every 3 days. I also didn’t realize when I first started feeding Logan that they literally are only taking a tsp or two the first couple weeks…. (mommy fail – when I thought he could handle a whole bowl haha)
  • If you are going to attempt to make your own baby food, I highly recommend the baby brezza. It’s honestly amazing – it steams the food for you & then spins it into a puree (automatically once its done steaming), literally making clean up a breeze!


<<We got ours off Amazon)

  • I had bought different containers to freeze the food I made, but honestly just found it so much easier to use ice-cube trays. That way I could grab a couple cubes of different things and make my own mix. Which Logan really enjoyed – he liked having different mixtures instead of just one boring veggie at a time 🙂 however, I waited a couple of weeks before doing that just to make sure he didn’t have any reactions to anything


  • I made about 50% of his food and then would also buy the squeeze packs that really come in handy when you are out and about or even just in a hurry! I love the baby gourmet ones because they are organic and have amazing combinations. (you can get it at Loblaws or Walmart)
  • We then started introducing finger foods around 8 months – Mum Mum cookies, small pieces of toast with jam, cut up soft fruits like banana, blue berries etc) I found the finger foods took a little while for him to get the hang of but really helped him develop the pincer grasp and learn to chew.
  • Then between 8 and 9 months introduced Dairy products (Eggs: scrambled with formula or hard boiled, yogurt and cheese)


For toys – I have actually purchased a few toys second-hand off Varage (virtual garage sale) and have saved so much money and got some pretty awesome things!




  • Jolly Jumper – This was always Logan’s favorite, he would jump in it for hours sometimes. (he stopped using it around 9 months) I started putting his little rock & play table up to it and he would just play his music and it would keep him interested a little longer. (I got mine at winners but you can find it here, it has also helped Logan with standing on his own).

IMG_4999  IMG_5935

  • Teepee – so I bought this for Christmas when Logan was 3 months old. I honestly bought it because I thought it would look cute in our family/playroom area and would be great to hide toys etc and didn’t think he would actually use it until he was one or two haha. However, it has turned out to be a great investment. Starting around 6 months Logan loved going inside the tent and just staring around in it and playing peakaboo. He is still in love with it now at 9 months, and when he starts to get fussy or have a meltdown we just sit there with him and he is immediately happy! lol it’s pretty awesome. This teepee is from restoration hardware <link below>


  • Puppy Bean Bag Seat – my parents got this for Logan for Christmas and it was another thing we didn’t really think he would use to much until he was older – but it was a GREAT investment. He sits on it every day and loves to just lay on it and cuddle. It has actually helped him with starting to crawl because he leans on it and tries to climb over it. It is really cute – and has become one of his favorite things!




  • Radioflyer 3 in 1 – my Dad bought this for Logan from Costco at Easter. It is really awesome, and will transition to a bike and scooter later on! he loves being in it, and even holds the handle bars which just melts my heart with cuteness!!



  •   I always read to Logan in the bath tub, we keep a basket of his favorite books in there and I find that’s when he pays the most attention to them. As soon as I grab a book he has the biggest smile on his face – it’s so cute!

Logan’s favorite books

  • DR SEUSS: “Mr Brown can MOO – can you?”
  • Nancy Tillman: “On the night you were born”
  • DR SEUSS: “Green Eggs & Ham”
  • DR SEUSS: “I can read with my eyes shut”
  • Eric Carle: “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

 Here are some highlights from the last couple months

IMG_5761 IMG_5806









Logan got baptized this past July with his cousin

IMG_8977Logan started riding in the cart – and absolutely loves it. It actually helps make our shopping trips longer because he has so much to look at and literally tries to grab anything within his reach lol… a whole new obstacle for mommy!


I still can’t get over how fast time goes when you become a mommy!!!! And cannot beleive my beautiful baby will be ONE soon (insert tears and ugly cry face)



One thought on “6 – 9 Month baby Essentials

  1. Wow. I cannot believe you were able to find that Busy Barn on VarageSale for so cheap! I NEVER have that kinda luck! That’s seriously amazing! And I love those Baby Gourmet packages. They’re so convenient and make it so easy to add your own home made baby to. That teepee is also adorable! I’ currently looking into getting one for my son for his first bday in October. Love the post!


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