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4 & 5 month baby essentials


The 4th & 5th month brought big changes for Logan! The gas & colic he struggled with in the months prior disappeared! He became a happier and more easy-going baby. He started laughing and doing things more independently. His little personality really came to life during this stage and it was honestly the most amazing thing to watch. He melts our hearts more and more each day. Towards the 5 month mark we ended up sleep training which was by far the best decision EVER!!!!! I was so resistant at first and then after I saw such a big change in him it was worth those 2 hard days of starting it!!

4 + 5 month baby essentials

**4 months** Logan weighed over 17lbs (was in 6-9 month clothing, size 3 diaper). He started babbling alot more and wanting to have conversations with us. He was getting better at grabbing things (especially mommy & daddys faces :)) and he was really starting to notice the world around him. He started to get alot better during our outings because he just wanted to look around and watch everything. He was and still is a curious little boy.

**5 months** he weighed almost 21lbs (was in 6-12 month clothing, size 3 diaper) he mastered jumping, grabbing with two hands rolling side to side. He started sleeping through the night (generally 6pm – 7am, with one nursing session in between there). We were also able to start putting him down awake, and he would just babble until he fell asleep. Napping also got alot better! He would have 3-4 naps a day (usually only awake for 2 hours at a time) and his naps would last anywhere between 45 mins and 2 hours. We also transitioned him from swaddle to sleep sack at this point (and also used the Merlin suit for 2 weeks in between that – see below). We also tried solids for a couple days (rice cereal) however, he became quite constipated, so the doctor said to wait closer to 6 months and skip the cereals.



Jolly Jumper – Logan is OBSESSED! He is seriously obsessed, I think maybe since he has spent most his life so far bouncing on a stability ball he just loves bounce! It’s great entertainment and exercise for our little man… He’s the happiest when he’s in it and we play nursery rhymes by Hooplakidz on our laptop and sing along ๐Ÿ™‚ haha


Exersaucer: this is also great entertainment for him… Especially closer to 5 months, when he could grab and gnaw on the toys lol.. Which is always his main objective!


We have this one by EVENFLO… It’s got lots of lights & music.. And he likes to grab the Tucan & dragon fly the best…


The bumbo chair – lots of people told me not to get this… However, we are really glad we have it! But I would suggest buying it second-hand because you can get them so much cheaper and they are easy to wash ๐Ÿ™‚ We got ours off VARAGE for only $15. This chair is great for when we are having dinner or just need to plop him somewhere real quick (like bathroom breaks for mommy)… He doesn’t like to be in it long, but it definitely helps.


Around 4.5 months, Logan discovered his feet and would love to just lay on the playmat and grab them. This is also a great skill for them when learning to roll. As he would grab his feet he would topple over from side to side. They also love to just be in their diaper or onesie so they can move easier.





Transitioned from Swaddle to Sleep Sack… Now we did this transition the same time we sleep trained Logan (the weeek he turned 5 months) because there was no way we were able to put him down without swaddling, it was a nightmare. But really it only took about two days until he got the hang of things and was able to self soothe! Definitely the best decision we ever made!!!! He is a COMPLETELY different baby!

I love the Aden & Anais sleep sacks! I managed to score some from Winners however, you can pay full price on numerous websites including

During desperate times before we sleep trained I had ordered “Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit” – but decided to sleep train before we got it. Even though he was sleeping and napping so much better by the time we got it I still thought I would give it a try to see if it would help him last longer for naps because he was only napping for 30-45 mins at a time. I also thought his arms and hands were so cold in the sleep sack at night so I hoped that this would keep him warmer (which it did) he absolutely loved it! And although he looks like a giant marshmallow man, it really did help. His naps started to last a lot longer and he started to go straight to sleep in it. We only ended up using it for a couple of weeks and then when we transitioned back to the sleep sack he was still sleeping long stretches and would go down without a fuss!!

<I know it looks like he can’t reach his hands to his mouth, but he can! it’s just a little more work for him hehe>

and doesn’t he look adorable? ๐Ÿ™‚



Logan at 5 months also started loving blankies, which is really helpful when he sleeps in the car seat!



5 month’s brought Logan two bottom teeth! He was teething on and off for about a month, but the week they came through he was really fussy, his cheeks were bright red and he just wanted to chomp on anything he could get his hands on.

Check out these bad boys ๐Ÿ˜‰



I honestly thought I would have stopped breastfeeding as soon as his teeth came in however, having them only on the bottom wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Luckily his tongue covers them while I am nursing (although don’t get me wrong I still feel those razor blades, but luckily they have only grazed me so far lol). I also give him 2-3 bottles a day now, so don’t nurse him as often.

Here are a couple of things that seemed to help while he was in the midst of teething:

Sophie is also a lifesaver – Now I know some people shake their head at this expensive little giraffe, but the company who came up with this sure was genius. Not only do babies love her, but she has so many great features for such a little toy.

PRODUCT DETAILS: “The contrasting spots are easy for baby to see, even from birth. After a while, Sophie becomes a familiar, comforting sight, and a regular pal. Sophie has a playful squeaker which is pleasant to your baby’s ears. Your baby can safely chew and taste Sophie from every angle. The giraffe’s soft, pliable legs, ears, and horns are easy on the mouth and perfect for soothing your baby’s sore gums. Sophie is long, lanky and stretchy, so your baby can easily grip her neck and legs from any angle, improving their dexterity and building motor skills without harm. Plus, her skin is soft, smooth, and comforting for your baby.ย  Sophie is made with Hevea tree sap, a 100 percent natural rubber, which gives the giraffe her special smell. This teether is made from all-natural rubber and food paint, so it’s completely baby safe.”

He mostly loves to chew on her face though! (Poor Soph lol)


Breastmilk Popsicles ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I just pumped and put the milk into an ice-cube tray and covered it with tin foil, and whenever he was really fussy and grabbing his teeth during the day I would put a milk cube in a mesh feeder and he would chomp down on it!


Other things that helped were:

  • Cold Cloth – he loved to just suck on it over my finger… and really liked it when I would put pressure on his gums
  • his pacifier was also a huge help, I think the sucking motion would relieve the pain for him
  • Tylenol at bed time


We moved from bathing Logan in the sink with the blooming bath around 3 months, into theย  SUMMER INFANT right Height bath tub. This bath is great because it has a step stool underneath so it’s the perfect height for bathing the baby! and saves your back!!! (the stool can also be used when they are a toddler which is great)

Now the one thing I didn’t like about it was the mesh insert that clipped around the tub, because I felt like it kept him above the water so he was always cold. I ended up putting my blooming bath in it to keep him comfortable until he was big enough to support himself a little more.

IMG_0198Blooming bath link:

In this picture below, he was finally big enough for me to unclip the bottom so that it would just float, yet his body was heavy enough to keep him in the water more


Now just as I went to grab a link for you guys, I noticed that they have changed the bath tub ๐Ÿ™‚ must not have been just me that felt that way!! the seat they have in the bath now is WAYYY better, long that it is on an angle.

check it out:


I also have this bath stool by summer infant for Adam & I to use when we bath him, and I LOVE it!

Walking with baby in the winter time is never easy – but it feels so good to get some fresh air and get of the house! Unfortunately I didn’t realize to later in the winter that I could use the rain cover that came with our UPPA BABY stroller to block the wind out. It was a lifesaver and truly brilliant! It would block the wind, keep him toasty warm and he could still see me and everything around him (which obviously makes him happy).



Logan loved to just talk and make tooting noises with his mouth – he thought it was so funny ๐Ÿ™‚ we did too hehe

IMG_1409Zip up Fleece Jacket: Carters



Logan really started to notice our dog more during this phase, which was adorable. He also started to grab his hair, which was not so fun for our dog Griffin ๐Ÿ™‚ But luckily he is really good about it and just let’s him do whatever. IMG_0734

Here are some pictures I captured during the 4 & 5 month phase ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t help it – he’s just so dam cute!!!!





Irish Onesie: Zulily


Anchor Collared Shirt: Carters / Pants with Suspenders: H&M



Onesie: Chapters Indigo / Pants: H&M


Pants: GAP / Shirt: H&M / Hat: H&M


Pants: GAP/ Shirt: H&M / Hat: H&M

IMG_1480Onesie: Zulily

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2 thoughts on “4 & 5 month baby essentials

    1. We let him cry it out for the first night it was really hard but it only lasted an hour … It took a couple days but each time got less and less. I also put him on a routine and wouldn’t keep him up for more than 2 hours at a time! I also started an earlier bedtime of 630/7… I found the more Logan slept during the day and the earlier he went to bed the better he slept at night. He now sleeps 630-7 am and still has 3 naps a day and I just put him down awake and he falls right asleep! Can’t believe how far he has come!

      Good luck mama ๐Ÿ™‚

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