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1 Month Essentials for Baby & Mommy

Can’t believe our little Logie Bear is already over 1 month old!!

It’s amazing the changes we are already starting to see in him. He now tries to focus, and his neck is so strong. He loves to stare at the lights and our faces and is even trying to crack a smile every now and then. watching him grow and change is amazing!


logan - 1 month

logan - 1month pic2


I have been asked by some soon to be mommy’s about the things we have used and needed – and advice of what I think they should be stocking up on! I have been working on a registry checklist that I will be posting soon. But I really want to share the essentials we needed the first month. For not only baby, but mama as well. Because recovering from delivery can not be pretty sometimes and there are quite a few things that other people had recommended to me that really helped get me through my first month post-baby!! I will also start working on a list for packing your hospital bag!

1 Month Baby Essentials

  • Diapers/ Wipes/ Sleepers/  – all the obvious things
  • Diaper rash cream – my GF gave me this organic one and we just love it – it works wonders!!!!

Diaper Ointment

  • Bassinet (Swivel Sleeper by Halo) ~ this is great because we have a really high bed, and it was so hard to find something that would be high enough. Plus I love the mesh sides so air can get through easily. It also has a little night light, music and vibration to help baby sleep. But buyer beware – it goes through batteries QUICK!



  • Diaper Pale – we got the Genie Elite (and refills)
  • Vibrating chair – this is great for being so light and portable. So when mommy is home by herself she can take it from room to room! We got ours from my sister in law as a hand me down…it’s by fisher price


  • Baby Monitor (Summer Infant – Wifi Monitor) This monitor is amazing and super high tech. It comes with a mobile video monitor plus there is an app for your phone or ipad, so you can check in on baby no matter where you are. From both your phone or the monitor you can move the camera, check the temperature in the room and talk to the baby through the monitor.
  • GLIDER!!!! I spend HOURS in this…… and love it! it’s soooo comfy! we got ours at babyshack in whitby – its called Luana




seriously how snuggly in this little cutie??


  • Aden & Anais swaddle blankets (we actually don’t use these to swaddle at night, because we have a little Houdini… but they are awesome for just every day use of over stroller, wrapping him when feeding etc…you seriously can’t have enough of these!) all their products are awesome!! we have the wash cloths, burp cloths, crib sheet, change table cover and I just ordered the dream blanket!! all are so soft and breathable fabric…


  • Blooming Bath for newborns (also on Amazon or you can get a good deal on them when they are on Zulily) these make it so easy to bath him, and is so soft … he loves bath time! (someone told me to make the water warmer then what they tell you – and it’s true! he screamed for his first bath and now that I make it warmer (usually 103 or 104) he LOVES it!!!




1 month Mommy Essentials

here is a pic of me in the hospital in them…


  • A good water bottle with a straw! I keep this in the nursery – you need to drink so much water when breastfeeding, so make sure to keep it in all your main spots!
  • Breast pads & Nipple cream – you can never have enough!!
  • Lansinoh Thera Pearl 3 in 1 – These little things are amazing for your nipples the first couple weeks! I would pop them in the freezer and use them when my nipples were sore!!! I think I bought mine at shoppers…
  • Breastfeeding pillow I had both the breastfriend and the boppy and I only ever used the boppy… the breastfriend just wasn’t comfortable for me. But everyone is different… (this is really crucial those first couple weeks, I am only now at a point where I can breastfeed literally sitting or standing … each day gets easier)
  • Now this is definitely TMI for some I am sure – but it’s a must on the list. go out and get yourself some stool softeners (the hospital will send you home with some, but don’t stop taking them for another 2 weeks) TUCKS pads, Preparation H cream – these pesty buggers didn’t get me till 2 weeks after I gave birth, so I was so grateful to have this stuff on hand!
  • The hospital will send you home with a squirt bottle for after you go the bathroom – this thing was yet again my best friend, I even took it with me if I was leaving the house. Just helps sooth and clean everything down there for the first little bit. So whatever you do, don’t forget to bring it home with you!!
  • Pads, and lots of them at all different sizes. The big heavy ones are great for the first week, not only for your little friend, but also just for comfort. Oh and don’t forget to invest in some big old granny panties! Because those big pads are just not going to be comfortable in your normal underwear… So go pick up some comfy hanes for $10
  • Padsicles – have you heard of these? if not, they are a MUST!!!! a couple weeks before you are due, get some pads, throw some Witch Hazel on them and then pop them in the freezer… when you get home from the hospital those bad boys will be your best friend!! Oh, and while your at the hospital make sure to ask the nurse for some if she doesn’t offer, they keep them in the freezer there, I would send Adam most the time to grab them for me. So make sure your husband is well aware of the kitchenette at the hospital! lol… here is a link on how to make them:


  • Breastfeeding clothes and bras – I had only one bra, and a shirt…. Target has some awesome tank tops and bra’s. I went out the first week and stocked up. I really like the  Gilligan & OMalley Nursing Bras and the tanks! You will literally be living in these things, so you need enough so that your not constantly doing the laundry (because there will be many nights you wake up drenched – not fun)

I like these ones for night time…


And these ones for during the day… gilligan-omalley-nursign-bra


and these clip down nursing tanks are seriously the best…. I live in these!


Here is a link – but remember it is US because target doesn’t have a good canadian site yet…

– these are also great and super cheap!! I wear these alot when I leave the house!! and they are long enough to wear with tights 🙂

  • Mother Tucker Leggings – these are amazing and I live in them!! they are compression, and literally go up to your boobs. They make you feel so much better about your body in the first month when everything is still jiggly. (also baby joy has free shipping 🙂

0010030000032I first heard about these leggings and the belly bandit, from watching this girls youtube videos! When you are in the third trimester and just stuck to the couch her videos are a great way to kill time… lol


  • Kuerig 🙂 I bought this the week before I had Logan, and it has been awesome because I can just make one cup of tea or coffee at a time! and saves me from wasting a whole pot! Also makes it easier for when you have visitors… and great way to still have your starbucks when you are stuck at home
  • Netflix – As a nursing mom you spend alot of time just sitting while your baby feeds… and if you have a kid like me you spend hours in you glider. I have my ipad set up beside the glider and I just watch shows and movies all day and all night… lol, and of course surf pinterest every now and then. Ps. the show “The Killing” on netflix is awesome!! all 4 seasons got me through my first month!! haha….
  • Dry Shampoo – for obvious reasons 🙂 mommy doesn’t get to shower as often as she used to!
  • A good phone App to track everything! I use “Baby Nursing” and literally track and time everything… because you will be amazed at how much you need to know about how often your baby feeds, poops and sleeps! and not to mention tracking the colour of poop lol… and in your first month, you will be so tired you will forget when you did 5 minutes ago! so this app is super helpful.
  • Baby Susher App – this is worth the $5 over and over again!!! it’s amazing… and really helps Logan sleep (ANYWHERE) I truly recommend it for some white noise < I just ordered the actual shusher off amazon 🙂 thats how much we love this thing!! >


Our first month was really tough with Logan because he would get the worst gas pains – it is so heartbreaking when your baby is upset and uncomfortable and there is literally nothing you can do to help them. We tried everything, and the only thing that would calm him would be to bounce on an exercise ball (which is fine for the first 15 minutes, but let me tell ya – mommy and daddy are going to have to see a chiropractor soon lol) It wasn’t until lots and lots of late night research that I learned fennel really helps babies digestive system. So one night while I was on my hour break from baby duty and Daddy was looking after Logan I was scoping out the health food isle at the Loblaws superstore and came across this nursing tea by Lunar Eclipse. I thought it was worth a shot since it had all natural ingredients, one being fennel – and it said right on the front it was to help with colic. Well let me tell ya, I went home – had a cup … and he sleep for 8 HOURS THAT NIGHT!!!!! I was in disbelief…. and when he woke up and fed, still no pain, no fuss – I felt like I was in a dream… he went back to sleep for another 3 hours… so that day I had another cup in the afternoon and same thing, he was having no pains. (only the normal fuss, diaper changes, tired etc…) The next night he slept for another 6 hours… Now I am not saying this is a cure all, but for all you parents out there that are living on no sleep with a crying baby that just can’t be settled – this is worth a shot! I have talked to my doctor about it, and he was happy with the all natural ingredients… and fingers crossed it keeps working for us!!! but I thought I had to share this with people because I know how heartbreaking and frustrating it can be, when neither you and baby are sleeping and you are stuck in the house.

here is the link:


And for all you soon to be mommys out there! Make sure to watch some video’s of Dr Harvey (Baby whisperer lol… ) he’s the guy that wrote Happiest Baby on the Block … and let me tell ya! It took me a couple weeks to find out about these little tricks – and boy they could have helped those first couple weeks!! here’s a link to the youtube video….

Also, this chick is on to something as well (she was on Oprah after all :)!! I am definitely starting to recognize his cries and getting alot quicker at finding out what is troubling him…

That is our first month list in a nutshell 🙂 and just remember this first month is all about survival… make sure to accept help! I can”t even begin to explain how amazing our parents and family have been through this! from bringing meals, to sleeping over and lending extra hands or even just coming for an hour and letting me shower. And make sure to get of the house as much as you can, even for a 15 minute walk around the neighbourhood – fresh air makes you feel so much better!



KT, xox


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  1. Hi Katie! I love your blog! I came across some of your nursery pics awhile back and am wondering what color gray paint you used in the room. I am ready to paint our nursery and am struggling with the variety of grays out there. Thanks so much for your help!


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