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Our Next Chapter …

I know I haven’t blogged in a long time – to be honest this has been a really hard year for our family. But I feel like I am ready now to share our next chapter with the world again 🙂 so here is to a fresh start and documenting our incredible blessing that we are looking forward to. We are expecting our first child and feel so incredibly blessed to become parents, and just cannot wait to meet our baby for the first time.


We first found out we were pregnant in January of this year. My husband was working away, and the night he was coming home I decided to take a test. After I got 2 positives, my dog Griffin & I jumped in the car and headed to Shoppers to get a digital test – just so that I could really see the results – because it felt so surreal. After we came home we left a note at the door for Daddy … We hid behind the corner to hear his reaction (and record it on my iphone of course :)) when he read the card – it was such an emotional and incredible experience. We felt so blessed and excited to become parents. It was truly the perfect moment.

BabyB annoucement

We had our second ultrasound at 13 weeks – and it was another milestone in my memory. And incredible experience to see your baby forming and growing for the first time.


Baby B @13 weeks


we first announced our pregnancy at 16 weeks ….

babyb kisses


babyberti announce1


babyberti announce4









And now we are going to jump ahead to our maternity photos – at 34 weeks. They turned out great – and I am so happy we documented this growing baby in my belly. Its such a miracle this whole experience and I just want to treasure every moment.

















So here is the start & end of our first chapter – Less than 2 weeks now till we meet our sweet baby. This blog has always documented the positive things in our life and inspiration that I want to share, so get ready. Because this baby has sparked a whole new chapter of this blog xox


One thought on “Our Next Chapter …

  1. Welcome back and congratulations on your bundle of joy. I cannot wait to read all about this new chapter in your life 🙂

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