Summer Dresses

Summer Fashion

With all of this nice weather we have been having, I felt like it was summer already! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get out while it was nice and let my casper skin get sun kissed, so I am really hoping this brisk rainy weather doesn’t last much longer. I thought I would do a post on summer dresses to get everyone thinking about the summer weather and special events coming up.

ASOS – $104,default,pd.html?dwvar_JUF6R203-J63_color=J63&cgid=dresses#start=274&sz=40

BCBG – $198

ASOS – $95

Cobalt Fluro Maxi Cover Up
Cobalt Fluro Maxi Cover Up


ASOS – $55


As I was doing my weekly read on one of my fav blogs – I spotted an advertisement for LU LU’S

Now… every time I see an awesome new online shopping site, I am ALWAYS disappointed when they don’t ship to Canada. It is such a tease!! But to my surprise, Lu Lu’s does ship to Canada 🙂 Now it is a flat rate of $22, so needless to say you need to make your online shopping trip worth while!

here are a few of my favorite items…
  1. Easy Throw on Grey Maxi $46
  2. Citrus Grove Coral Color Block Shift Dress $40
  3. LULUS Exclusive Forget Me Notch Strapless Red Dress $47
  4. Practice in Posh Black Dress $49

Also my sister shared with my today this awesome fashion blog… I love it because the author also tells you wear she gets everything! And most things you can buy online.

Check it out: HAPPILY GREY



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