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Eat, Drink & Be IRISH

I love St Patrick’s day!!!! This week, it is both my birthday & St Patty’s – so we are throwing a little party on the weekend to celebrate. Now it just so happens my family is IRISH, so we like to celebrate in style. I thought I would put together a little party inspiration for those of you that would like to join in!

We are going to make a Green party Punch, something similar to this below…

For the ingredients I am mixing:

  • Lime Vodka
  • Fresca
  • 7 Up
  • Green Powerade
  • Cut up limes, oranges and lemons
  • And top it off with some lime sherbert
Irish Pint Glass 2 for $12
Irish Pint Glass 2 for $12

Now you definitely have to look the part on St Patrick’s Day….. I got a cute shirt from Walmart for $7. But I wish I had of known earlier Urban Outfitters has some great T-shirts and accessories!!!

Urban Outfitters $24
Urban Outfitters $24
Sock 3 for $20
Sock 3 for $20
Mens t-shirt $20
Mens t-shirt $20

A little party inspiration…





I have been prepping my house for the party… Here’s a sneak peak

this is where we will have the green punch 🙂


Gotta have some green jello shooters…



I hope you all have a wonderful St Pattys day!!!!!



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