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Tips on building a new house

Building a new house is great – but it comes with alot of responsibility. You need to make sure you make the right decisions and that you are fully aware of your options. Make sure to do your research, so that you can have your new build at it’s fullest potential. No point in having any regrets when building your dream home…

Here are some things to think about….



I can’t express how important this is. The placement of outlets in literally every room needs to be thought out long and hard. Imagine the placement of your furniture and accessories before you mark where you want the outlets. And keep in mind recessed plug outlets so that cords don’t stick out of the wall.

Electrical, phone, and cable/internet all need to be thought out.

Places you might not think to add an outlet:

  • Pantry
  • Beside the Mantel (for Christmas lights etc)
  • High placement on the wall (if you are going to hang your tv)
  • Kitchen Island, around the counter, in drawers, etc..
  • don’t forget about outside plugs in your front/back yard – and your porch too!!
  • Closets, beside desks, and any high volume area
  • Depending on the room, you might even need outlets on the floor



  1. Have electrical outlets installed low and horizontal for a cleaner, more discreet look
  2. Make sure to install dimmers on most of your lights
  3. Make sure you have cable outlets in all bedrooms & family rooms.




Make sure you have tons of lights. I still can’t believe I don’t have a ceiling light in my family room…

  • Scratch the recessed cheap lighting and plan for sconces in bathrooms
  • Only have the builder put in the outlet for a light, and go buy one yourself
  • lighting in cabinets/under cabinets




  • wainscotting
  • High ceilings
  • Thick crown moulding
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Built-ins for the family room and kitchen
  • Storage space: Extra Cabinets or cubby holes are a a great use of extra space



UPGRADES worth the $$$$

  • Hardwood
  • Hardware (door handles)
  • Interior doors
  • Faucets!!!!!! or offer to supply your own…
  • Basement Bathroom rough in/ Central Vac



  • Have your microwave built into a cabinet or the kitchen island
  • Add a wine cooler in your island
  • Warming drawers near the oven
  • Wine rack





Happy Sunday!

KT, Xo

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