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Family Room + Changes

Since we are working on the basement, I am starting to make plans for items around the house to move their way to the basement! We have a few things in our family room upstairs right now that I am going to be sending down the rustic man cave. You might remember me sharing this inspiration board for my plans in the family room:

I am so happy to say we have crossed two things off the list so far 🙂 We got our Ikea slip-covered sectional at the beginning of the year and I just picked up two Jennylund chairs from Ikea – see picture below


*** Side Note: IKEA currently has a sale on until Nov 18th – all fabric furniture is buy one get one 50% off ***

I am so happy with the chairs and how the family room is coming together… I also bought new white curtains for the window beside the fire place. So let’s go back and see what it looked like before <<this picture is over a year old, but the set was the same>>. (still a work in progress)




(Sorry the picture is so dark, unfortunately I leave the house when it’s dark and don’t get home from work until it’s dark) Maybe take a new pic on the weekend! 🙂 I also started to decorate a little for Christmas. I want to keep it very simple & classic this year. Check out my mini tree beside the Mantel:

We still REALLY need an area rug!!

For the area rug, I need something around 10×8 and somewhat comfy on the feet. I am thinking about the MORUM rug at ikea <<Price tag of $150>>


A more expensive option could be from Pottery Barn – This one below in the beachy blue colour would be great…<<price tag of $328 for 8×10>>


Or the Olin Grey Rug from Crate & Barrel <<Price Tag of $376>>


I would also like a sofa table for behind the couch in replace of the buffet/bar we have currently, which will be moving down to the basement. I would like something with storage so it can be multipurpose.

I like the HEMNES sofa table in white like below from ikea <<price tag of $179>>


That’s all I have today for ya! Loving all these changes!!!



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