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Basement Reno – The Beginning

You might remember me talking about starting our basement reno last year around this time. Well that project got put on hold after we got engaged because obviously we got a little busy with planning a wedding and our extra money was going towards that instead. I posted last year about a few of my ideas for Adam’s Man Cave here in this post: https://twobertis.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/future-basement-ideas/

Here is my original idea board I posted:

We started here:

And have progressed to here currently:

Drywall is up, mud/tapping in progress and the pot lights are being put in! my hubby has been doing such a great job, I am really proud of him!

Now obviously I have a ton of ideas circulating in my head at the moment so I am going to share my thoughts and see how I make out. I am thinking for the basement of keeping my beach theme, but making it a bit more masculine and having the basement take on a nautical/Lake house/rustic theme. I am going to use the colours white, grey and navy with small pops of a rustic red. I want the basement to be a guys space, yet still go with the flow of the house.

For the walls I am thinking of using the colour “Gray Owl” by Benjamin Moore

You can see an example of this colour in the room below over at Cozy Cottage Cute (click on the picture below to go check out her awesome blog)


And the colour gray owl was also used in this basement picture below that I found on Houzz (Ps. Also love the “Tourists” Sign)


For the stairs I am thinking we are just going to paint them. I saw this picture online today and just love it, feels very nautical!


And for flooring we are thinking of the same laminate that my parents used in their trailer reno. I found a great picture of it being used in a basement over the Rambling Renovators, check it out:


Here are some basement inspiration photos:

The picture below uses alot of the same colours I plan on using just on different areas. I love the pillows with the red stripes and that old rustic arrow sign in the back! what a great design job! She also used the ikea couches that I love…


We also have kind of an awkward space to fill in the basement, it is a very small sectioned off space that could possibly be used for an office or play room. For the time being we are going to use it for entertaining. I am going to paint the back wall with chalkboard paint, and have a dart board there. We are going to use the other section of the space for a small bar area… somewhat like the picture below.


I also want to have lots of framed photos of friends and family – maybe do a wall like below?


That’s all I have for now 🙂 I think my next post will be on how I am changing the family room upstairs once we move a few things down to the basement!! It never stops changing in this Berti Household!!!



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