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Wedding SAGA ~ Part One

I really want to share with you some of my favorite photos from our amazing wedding day. I am just so thrilled with all the photos we now have as beautiful memories. I thought our photographer really captured all the emotions and amazing moments that happened that day.
I am planning on doing a post each week highlighting a certain point in the wedding that was really important to me and that I thought came through in the pictures. I will classify all these pictures under the wedding “SAGA” :). For my first post I am going to give you my top 5 favorites!

1. This picture is by far one of my favorites. Our photographer snuck us out during our reception to capture a few pictures during the sunset overlooking the hillside that surrounds the winery. It was just magical and I love everything about it ♥

2. I had planned for my dad to see me after I put my wedding dress on. I kept the dress a total secret from him until my actual wedding day and wouldn’t let him see me until I was all ready. It was by far one of the most emotional moments of the day for me. My dad means the world to me and I knew that moment he first saw me would be one of those moments you remember forever. I was waiting for him as he came out of the hotel, and to be honest even these pictures can’t describe how I felt. It was so moving to see my dad so emotional. I love him so much! ♥

3. I love this picture of our bridal party/hockey team lol. We had a huge bridal party with all our favorite people in the world and of course because there are so many people it makes it really hard on the photographer to capture a photo where everyone is looking/looking good all at the same time! lol. But of course with all the beautiful people in our bridal party, combined with an amazing photographer – he managed to get this incredible shot. And I absolutely LOVE how he capture the Barn in the back where we had our reception.

4. This next picture was in a field across from the winery. Our photographer brought us over and at first I was a little skeptical since we were leaving the amazing scenery of the winery. But after seeing a picture like this, I totally get it – and I am SO glad we went over. I love everything about this picture and I think it captures a beautiful moment between my husband & I – with an amazing background.

5. I know it seems a little strange for this next photo to be in the “top 5” – But I love it because I feel like it captures a real moment and all the action surrounding it. It also gives an amazing shot of the decor – I was SO incredibly thrilled with the head table and flowers, I was in complete AWE!! It was breathtaking, so I love the fact you can see it all in this photo.
So there you have it… some my favorite moments, from my favorite day! It’s an incredible feeling marrying the love of your life in front of all of your favorite people. I will never forget it and treasure these photos forever!
<stayed tuned for part 2>

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