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Wedding Invitations

Well ….finally the wedding invitations are on their way out! Man was that quite the job… Not only did it take me a awhile to figure out what I wanted/ what I could afford. But we had a slight set back with the church we are being married at so couldn’t get them printed until I knew for sure. Anyways, that aside: I found an incredible person to do my invitations. I found pictures of ones I LOVED, but couldn’t quite afford/justify. So, I had this lovely graphic designer give me a hand. She not only created the invitations but customized them for Adam & I with two birdies 🙂 I am so excited to show you.

I am so happy with the invitations and the price!!! They were so affordable. If anyone is looking at getting invitations, a logo design, or a custom piece, her creative abilities make her one of the best graphic designers out there. She can create a custom design that suits your style and needs in a timely and professional manner. Poor Caitlin had to be subject to my many panicked emails with ideas and changes and got them all printed for me in a tight time frame and it was SOOO appreciated 🙂 I highly recommend Caitlin Jobb @ Creative Jobb Designs. She was fantastic to work with.
Here is her wesbite: http://www.creativejobb.com/
Or reach her by email: cait@creativejobb.com
I am also going to have her do my seating chart & programs!! I will share those with you too after the wedding!!
Only 2 months left…. ♥

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