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Celebrating my MOM xo

This post is dedicated to my mom….. The woman who has made me who I am today. The woman who always told me to never give up, work hard for what you want and always be good to people. Kill the mean people with Kindness, always be honest and if something goes wrong it wasn’t meant to be. There is no use crying over spilt milk…. right mom?
Funny how as you grow older your relationship with your mom changes. Your mom becomes more like your best friend; the girl you want to shop with, catch up with and your go to person when something goes wrong….. I catch myself doing things just like her (that I never thought I would do or say lol)…. But I am proud to have those qualities and now realize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful role model in my life.

Now for some real funny mom texts to celebrate Mother’s Day…. Not gonna lie, I can totally see my mom doing some of these!!! lol.. thank god she doesn’t have an iphone!!!

this video is pretty funny too….

Happy Mother’s day weekend everyone!! TREAT your mom good!!!! XOXO


2 thoughts on “Celebrating my MOM xo

  1. You are such a beautiful young lady. I feel exactly the same about my Mom, she truly is my best friend. xoxo

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