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Spring Planting

I love this time of year when the flowers are starting to bloom and the buds are on the trees! Although I am not a seasoned gardener.. I love getting out there and planning where I am going to plant everything and adding a new addition each year. Since we live in a newer home we started with nothing but grass, which although nice because you get to design what you want…. You have no starting point. I would love to move to a old house surrounded by grandfather tree’s and matured gardens.

Here are a few pictures of around our yard last year… I am hoping to add some new things this summer!

Out back we put up a fence & Adam did our deck….

We really need some kind of canopy or roof for some shade & privacy. Living in such a small subdivision, it makes it very hard to want to hang out in your backyard….without feeling like everyone is watching you!!  I would love something like this:

And I sure would love an entrance like this..

I would love to have this border all around the fence line…

Adam just built me a huge planter so that I can start growing a vegetable garden, I will have to show you guys once I get a few plants in there! 🙂



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