A few more Wedding ideas…

Everything for the wedding is starting to come together I think. (even though I still feel there is still so much to do lol). I got my wedding shoes!! while in Florida so I was glad to get that off my to do list! We have narrowed down the tutu options for my niece, Boys are going to get their suits next month and I have my first bridal shower tomorrow!! My first wedding event of the year ♥ Oh and did I mention we booked our Honeymoon?? Mediterranean cruise in September!!!! Cannot wait.. I will give you more deets in a future post 🙂

Now there are still some little things I need to start thinking about…

GARTER options

Accessories for the bathroom @ the reception..

Need to make some maps of the Niagara area to put with our invitations…

Make some wedding programs/fans…. (even though we have AC in the Church, I think it might be smart to have these too since it will be August)

Make a wedding day timeline…

And need to get myself some Wedding TOMS so that I can be comfy & get my dance on!!!!

and how cute are these for a honeymoon?

Or I might just get the sparkly pink ones!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



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