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BodyRock Workout

As I was browsing through pinterest (my usual routine when I get home from work) I spotted a workout video that looked interesting. I watched it and then after a cardio warm up thought I would give it a try. Not only is it an awesome workout but the girl who does the video is pretty hilarious (with a wicked bod to boot!!) You need almost nothing but your body weight for the workouts and could do it your living room! I did the first one below Saturday and the second one last night, and my thighs & butt are still killin me!

The videos are from her site: , they have some awesome videos, meal plans & fitness tips!! Best part?? You get all the information for FREE!!!! πŸ™‚

Now I will warn you, write down the workout first while you watch it and then do it. Because unfortunately she doesn’t wait for you in the video to do all the reps.

Bad girls workout…

the 50 second intervals are killler…… I did the whole routine 3 times.

When you actually go to the wesbite, she posts the workout routine right under the videos which helps!

Have fun!!



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