Apartment Chic

25 Mar

I have some girlfriends living downtown in different places and all have cute little apartments. I think that even though you are working with a smaller space you can totally make it classy & comfortable. I love when a girl is living on her own and throws in some femininity … reminds me of sex & the city!

If you guys have not yet been to Breakfast & Toast, you need to check it out. The writer Danielle has an amazing little apartment downtown Chicago that I think it is so cute!! Her style is effortless & chic… Here is a little sneak peek into her stylish apartment:

Even a little bar area…

When decorating a small space it’s important to keep the colour palette consistent throughout the apartment, it will give the illusion of being bigger. Also, choose multi-purpose pieces that can transition to different rooms. For example: using a dresser as a console for your tv. Here are some inspiration pictures of chic apartments & small space solutions:

No Closet Space? Try this..

Here is an episode from the Nate Berkus show where he talks about how he decorated his apartment…




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