Linen Closet

Well I tackled the linen closet today…. I think it looks a lot better then what we started with. I am not even sure how it got this bad, and can’t believe I am going to show you this picture of the before lol. But this blog is all about keepin it real, so here ya go!!!

Holy Hell that is bad eh?? I know … Bad girl….

So first I went and got some things…. Wire bins, basket & a glass jar for odds & ends. At first I thought I was going to paint or wallpaper the closet, but then I came up with another idea that would be more temporary. I ended up buying two table cloths for $6 and using double sided tape to put as a backdrop in the closet.

Measure it to size

And then I just used double sided sticky tape on each corner

Here is a little list of where everything came from….

Happy Sunday!



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