Pre-Weekend (& Lovely Gifts)

It’s FRIIIDAAAAYYY!! Thank goodness eh?

I went today and got bins and things to organize my linen closet tomorrow 🙂 and hopefully tackle some other closets while I am at it. But I will definitely show you guys before and afters. Also, with my birthday around the corner I have already received some awesome gifts that were totally unnecessary, but that I am in love with so had to share with you guys!!

I am obsessed right now with the perfume – Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf… My sister-in-law introduced it to me and I had a little sample slipped in my stocking this year, and fell in love! I kept going back to the bay to get samples and they were always out. So I was delighted when my mother-in-law bought it for me for my birthday. SOOO amazing!!!!

I also got some great smelling home products from Adam’s sister. Soaps, awesome candle and smelly packs (that I have put in my drawers and bathroom)….

Isn’t the hand soap just the coolest looking bottle? I love it ♥

And today while I was out I took a friend up on her recommendation and purchased the “Savvy Woman’s Money Guide,” which I am pretty excited to read. Because as many of you know I am quite the shopper and not the best budgeter. So I will let you know after I read it if I have learned any tricks or tips!

Thanks Jenny 🙂

I got mine from Chapters for $9.99 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!!



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