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Steppin up the Fitness!

As many of you know I am shaping up for my upcoming Wedding. I started a healthy eating plan & steady work out routine in January with my trainer. So far so good!Β  So although the journey continues, I thought I would share some more fitness inspiration.

Here is a great article on “10 Lessons in Female Fat Loss” – this is so true, I am following all 10 right now!! (especially the high protein)

I am eating a ton of fruits & veggies. Lots of smaller meals – and I have to say I constantly feel full!!

fuel your body with lots of PROTEIN, WATER & VITAMINS πŸ™‚

I have also learned that short & hard workouts are best. Not only do you not have to spend as much time working out, you see results!

Pushups should be your new bestfriend – they make you stronger & leaner!

What are my end goals?

a really sexy back…

And lean & gorgeous arms….

Oh and something to put things in perspective. I came across this yesterday and really made me think! I keep saying that I have “only lost a couple pounds” However, after looking at this picture it really does make you think that each pound really does make a difference!!!

And here is another great picture to show the difference between 5 lbs of FAT & 5 lbs of MUSCLE!! Crazy….

Get Fit & Have fun πŸ™‚



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