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Brighten Up…

Today was super rainy & depressing… so as I did my grocery shopping at the Loblaws Superstore, I started to browse all their bright coloured kitchen accessories.

Here is what I got from the superstore…

I don’t know about you guys, but I can never leave the Superstore under $100…. They have great home stuff especially for the kitchen. They have tons of bright colours right now for spring, and super cheap! A great way to add a splash of colour for  spring. The pear tea-towels are my fav, that’s why I spent a litttttle bit more on them! (oh and the cute little plant above, was $5)

After leaving the Superstore with my new fun accessories, I thought I should get something for my entry @ the front door, so that when visitors come they are greeted by a little touch of Spring 🙂 I wanted to put together some kind of planter, so I went to winners and bought a big glass vase for $9.

Here is everything I used. The birch branches were outside in my planter that I had found on a walk with Griffy. The moss is leftover my mom had, branches, eggs & flower buds from winners.

And here it is all put together…

So I put it by my front door to greet our visitors 🙂

Hopefully this helps get a closer to spring and further from winter 🙂



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