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Rustic Meets Chic

4 day long Weekend ahead of me – woo hoo!!! I have lots planned!!

Tomorrow I have some projects to finish so that I can show you guys soon. I will be fixing up an old Chandelier & DIY headboard for our second bedroom, and then it will be good to go! I am also going thrift/Antique hunting with my mom on Saturday. We are gonna head to the Peterborough area and hit up Gypsy Barn, Legacy Vintage & Habitat 4 Humanity. So I will make sure to take lots of pics for you guys!

Here is a Sneak Peak of the Before…(bought the Chandelier off Kijiji for $50 :))

Oh and I forgot to mention, I got this wicked new Camera, so no more crappy quality excuses!!!!

I am a loser I know, but man I love this Nikon!!! so easy & I got a wicked deal…..

Now here is a little inspiration……Mix of Rustic & Chic



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