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Our New Sectional :)

So after a long day of renting a uhaul, driving to Ikea, unpacking the couch, driving the uhaul back and then finally putting the couch together… We are exhausted lol. However, I am loving the sectional. We are sooo happy!! (Even Adam because it has met his comfort standards :))

So here is what we were working with before….

And here is what our family room looks like now!

Okay so I really need an area rug, so gonna use my pottery barn gift card and get on that this week!! I think it will really tie the room together. And then the coffee table won’t blend into the floor…

Now in the picture below you will see I have the slip-covered Chair & the wicker chair… one of the two is going to go. I have a matching wicker chair so might have them both there… Or I have this old vintage chair I would love to get slip-covered and then have a little more mismatch in the room? Just gonna have to toy with the idea and see!!

And here are a couple pictures from our day! Griffy loved riding shotgun in the Uhaul…

Well, there you have it! I am one happy girl now…. Hope you are having a good Sunday!



3 thoughts on “Our New Sectional :)

  1. I love the look of the Ikea sectional! What color is the slip cover that you have? We cannot decide between tygelsjo beige or white. Thanks!

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