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DIY Headboard

I am looking at doing some kind of DIY Headboard for our second guestroom. I have across so many different ways to put together a headboard that I just have to share them with you! Plus I know of a couple people who are looking to do this as well….

I think it is amazing when you can use left over materials, or recycled items to create your own unique piece. Barn board, old shutters and rustic doors can be a great way to create a headboard for your bed!

<<If you click on any of the images it will link you back to the source so you can get step by step instructions>>

Upholstered DIY Headboards

Aren’t they awesome?

I found a big long old shelf @ Value Village for $3 that I bought and I am going to paint & distress it…. Then maybe put some picture frames on top. However, I also realllllly would like to get an old door from this place in cobourg, but I think the $3 find wins out in this decision!! But in case anyone else is looking for this, here is a really neat place to find old vintage pieces.



There is a really cool old door there for $60



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