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DIY Headboard Submission

Okay so after my post about DIY headboards last night, I had an old friend send me an email with a picture of the headboard her husband put together with barn board. She said it took literally like half an hour tops once he had pressure treated the old barn boards. Now please keep in mind Sarah said this to warn me – The room is unfinished & it is crappy camera quality, which I know I remind you guys on every picture as well… lol.. But her’s is beautiful so I just had to share it! And is a room ever really finished? I know not in my house! lol

Isn’t it AWESOME??

And I just love that shabby chic bedding!!!

THANK YOU SARAH for sending this and sharing it with my readers. I love things like this because then people know it is possible!!!

On another note, today is ikea day 🙂 Long story short but Adam & I had to rent a Uhaul to get this dam Sectional! And the weather isn’t looking to great today, so wish us luck!!! KT, XOX


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