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SOOOOOO Happy!!!!! :)

Okay so I am just so thrilled, and have to share the news with you!! The Leather couches are moving out and the slip-covered sectional is moving in!!!! Woo hoo!! I have wanted a slip-covered sectional for soooo long, but I was having a hard time justifying buying a new couch when ours were perfectly fine. So I thought to myself – hmm, maybe if I purge some things and sell our couches then I could make up the money for the sectional? And that is exactly what happened!!

I sold a whole bunch of things that were just cluttering up our house. EX: Wii & Rockband (just been sitting in a box in the basement) two old coach purses, a bench jacket I have never worn, 2 lamps etc.. And I made over $600 on our Buy & Sell at work πŸ™‚ And then today sold our couches!! I am soooooo happy. And now I don’t have to feel guilty which is even better!!

Here are our current couches:

Now I have some even better news…. I also got sent a $200 gift Certificate for Pottery Barn because they accidentally messed up my wedding registry. SOOOO, that means I can also get the area rug I have been wanting!!!! Remember when I posted my inspiration for the living room? if not, here is a peak.

What a week! I cannot wait to show you guys pictures when I am done!!!



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