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Powder Room — UPDATE

Remember I wanted to Paint my Powder room on the main floor?

Well here is what it looked like before….

And the process…


Now for the mirror when I first got it, it looked like this…

And I loved it, because it looks like old drift wood… but when I put it up in the bathroom it just did not look right, I just couldn’t let it stay that way… So I painted it white and distressed it – I know surprise surprise right?? lol.. but I LOVE IT!!! totally completed the bathroom.

I used both steal wool and A little hand sander, just the kind with the little handle. I rubbed all the edges down and then a little bit through the middle of the frame….

And here is where everything was from:

  • Mirror – $30 Homesense
  • Towels – $10 West Elm
  • Lantern Light – $25 Lowes
  • Picture Frames – West Elm
  • Chair Rail – Home Depot – $40
  • Beach Sign – Winners

My adorable Doggy through the messy process!!! He lays and watches me for all my projects, probably just thinking how crazy I am!! lol

I am so happy with it, a little bit of paint really goes a LONG way!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Powder Room — UPDATE

  1. Hi There! I love your powder room redo! I am hoping to do something similar in my powder room. I was wondering how complicated it was to switch out the light fixture from the builder bulbs to your lantern light (which I adore)? Do the fixtures match up ok? I haven’t even looked at ours yet to see what the housing looks like. Did you have to patch the wall or change the wiring at all? AND do you like the light that the lantern light provides? Is it enough for the space? Does it look odd having it shine down onto the mirror? Thanks os much!!

    1. Hi Carrie, thank you so much!!!! It was not complicated at all… We did have to patch the drywall, since the fixture that was there was so long. However, the wiring was all there. I do have to admit my hubby did it, but if you know the basics of how to hook up a light you will be fine! I absolutely love the light… and it gives off just enough light πŸ™‚ I am not a big fan of having a huge blaring light in a powder room, so I love that it is a little dim! Good luck with your powder room, you will be so happy after, I know I am!!

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