I just have to share this picture with you guys, it is beyond adorable!! I have a goldendoodle & so do my parents and this picture looks like my dog on the left and my parents dog Charlie on the right, just with shaggier hair!! LOL

Don’t you just love them? If anyone is looking at getting a dog I highly recommend a doodle. They are so loving, follow you everywhere and will do anything for you. They are HIGH energy for sure, but they make it so worth it!!

LOVE EM!!!! Now back to painting….



2 thoughts on “Doodles!

  1. Love this picture… found it on pinterest but it didn’t have the original source.. finally tracked it back to you!! Question.. where did you get Griffin and Charlie from?? I have two goldendoodles and am raising a labradoodle to be an assistance dog so I’ll be giving him up to his forever home in about a year..

    love love love Griffin!!

    1. Hi Annie, thank you πŸ™‚ I love him too… That picture is actually from pinterest without a source but looks EXACTLY like my dog & my parents. I adopted my Griffin from a family that couldn’t keep him. My parents got their doodle from a breeder in Milton.
      If you need anymore info just let me know πŸ™‚
      They are the best ever!!!!

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