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DIY Picture Wall

I had a request to do a post on Picture Gallery Wall’s…. Which I LOOOOVE. I have started a couple of my own which I will share in another post, and have learned a couple tricks of the trade along the way. With Gallery walls you can do so many different things: Use all different sized frames, even different colours even, and I love when people incorporate letters or mirrors for a personal touch.

First you will need: Tools and Supplies:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Level or laser level
  • Hammer
  • Low tack masking tape
  • Picture hooks

Here are all different layouts you can do….



Use newspaper or extra brown paper to cut out the size of each frame you want to use… This way you can change them up until you are satisfied.

And here are some inspiration photos of Gallery Walls

The reader also asked if I could scope out some mirrored picture frames because that is the type of frame she wants to use for the gallery wall – which let me tell yea are pretty scarce!! Not easy to find… So if you see any please leave a comment!!

WEST ELM $15 – $24




I have alot of posts coming your way…. Adam & I are in the midst of fighting with our new ikea light for the guest bedroom. We are ALMOST done though 🙂 And I am just waiting for a couple more things from West Elm to arrive so I can show you guys the bathroom!

It has been a busy weekend & I am EXHAUSTED! 😦 not looking forward to Monday Morning…



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